Ingestible Skincare Will Have Its Glow-Up Says New 2023 Study

Ingestible Skincare Will Have Its Glow-Up Says New 2023 Study

Clear, smooth, glowing skin from the inside out, is a top priority for shoppers moving into 2023 according to a new study conducted by a Natural Grocers’ Nutrition Education team, consisting of health and wellness experts ranging from Registered Dietitians to Certified Natural Foods Chefs, collaborated with the retailer’s purchasing, marketing and analytics teams.

According to Natural Grocers 2023 Research Report, Ingestible Skincare will encourage shoppers to get that healthy glow from the inside out. Furthermore, the consumer research shows that demand for ingestible body care is rising as people take a more holistic approach to skin care. A recent survey7 of women aged 30 and up found that 30 percent of respondents said they had bought an ingestible skincare product in the last year—almost DOUBLE the percentage that did so in 2017.

The figure rose to 57 percent in the 25- to 34-year-old group.

While these supplements will surely help us look our best, they’ll also support other areas of health, especially those crucial for healthy aging. In 2023, we’ll see consumers learning about more ways to support that healthy glow from within, while also seeing a rise in demand for supplement products that contain ingredients like collagen or antioxidants to support holistic skin health.

Natural Grocers will be sharing these trends online and over their social media channels throughout December and in the upcoming volume of their Health Hotline – available online and in print this January.

Brand To Know: An Ingestible Skincare brand we would like to spotlight is, Zundora.

Zundora is a breakthrough antioxidant collagen gel that is true beauty evolved from science, with the power to transform skin to a healthy glow. The proprietary nutrient complex features Verisol hydrolyzed collagen peptides which are clinically proven to improve the health of hair, skin, and nails, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and increase skin elasticity.

“As the public realizes the power of the collagen supplement, there is no wonder why this market is exploding. However, all collagen supplements are not equal. We’ve worked with experts to develop a clean antioxidant collagen gel with real results,” says Jay Shafer, Founder & CEO of Zurvita. “Every product we create is developed to be a healthy solution for modern families to achieve their goals, deliciously and affordably. This collagen supplement fits those needs whether for beauty benefits or for optimal health and wellness.”

Zundora also includes potent ingredients from multiple superfoods that further help, protect, nourish, and smooth skin. Zundora joins the Zurvita brand line of award-winning, natural, and clean products, including Zeal For Life, an all-in-one nutritional drink mix with essential nutrients and superfoods in one simple solution. Zurvita is a company led by faith that aims to change lives with an easy and accessible way to reach greater health.

Ingestible Skincare Will Have Its Glow-Up Says New 2023 Study

Collagen, a key component in bones, skin, muscles, and other body parts, decreases with age. Because of this, the rapidly growing collagen supplement market was worth $8 billion in 2021, with projections to reach $17 billion by 2028. As more people seek the very best collagen supplements in a sea of collagen supplements, they quickly discover that Zundora is different than the rest. Zundora provides consumers with the natural, results-driven product they want and contains unique and potent ingredients that set it apart, including the trademarked and effective Verisol and Lumenato.

Zundora’s unique and proprietary blend includes the following:
● Verisol, Clinically Tested Collagen
● LumenatoTM
● Resveratrol
● Hyaluronic Acid
● Stabilized Rice Bran
● Pomegranate Extract
● Green Tea Extract
● Aloe Vera
● Acai Extract
● Grape Seed Extract

Take the delicious blackberry flavor gel as a daily dietary beauty supplement for a significant impact on the skin, restoring its youthful glow. The travel size gel pack singles make it convenient to take anywhere.

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