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Inside Glossier First-Ever Retail Partnership With Sephora

Inside Glossier First-Ever Retail Partnership With Sephora

Inside Glossier First-Ever Retail Partnership With Sephora

Glossier, the popular direct-to-consumer makeup brand, has embarked on its first-ever retail partnership with Sephora. This exciting collaboration kicked off on February 23, 2023, making Glossier products available in 600 Sephora stores across the United States and Canada. The news comes shortly after founder of Glossier, Emily Weiss stepped down as CEO and handed the reins over to Kyle Leahy. 

The partnership was first announced in July 2022 as part of Glossier’s expansion into brick-and-mortar under CEO Kyle Leahy, who was appointed in May 2022. Leahy expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating that “Glossier is built on community, and Sephora is not only an iconic global retailer but also embodies our commitment to community.” He further emphasized that Sephora is a beauty destination and the perfect partner for Glossier’s first-ever retail relationship.

Carolyn Bojanowski, EVP of Merchandising at Sephora, shared similar sentiments, expressing excitement about bringing Glossier’s fun, diverse, and approachable product assortment to Sephora clients. She acknowledged Glossier’s rich history and passionate fan base, and looked forward to welcoming the brand into the Sephora community.

Glossier displays at Sephora stores will feature the brand’s iconic pink hue, contrasting with Sephora’s black and white aesthetic. The wavy tray tester system found at flagship Glossier stores and the “You Look Good” mirrors will also be integrated into the displays.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for Glossier, which began with the development of a moisturizer that wouldn’t aggravate acne. Since then, the company has grown exponentially, offering a wide range of beauty products exclusively through its website and retail locations. The collaboration with Sephora signals a new chapter for Glossier, expanding its reach and accessibility to customers in the US and Canada.

As Glossier continues to evolve and grow, fans eagerly anticipate further expansion, including potential international distribution and additional flagship store openings in cities such as Washington, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. With its first-ever retail partnership now underway, Glossier is poised to make an even greater impact in the beauty industry.