LUSH Cosmetics Launches First-Ever Podcast Series

Lush Cosmetics Launches First-Ever Podcast Series

With Lush’s global decision to turn its back on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat in November 2021, the podcast’s first episode What’s Your Algorithm? with Safiya Noble, a professor from the UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry and author of the book Algorithms of Oppression, will explore how we can reckon with technology and reclaim our mental wellbeing in online spaces.

The new podcast called the “Sound Bath: Conversations that Cleanse”. Hosted by blues poet and storyteller Aja Monet, she will engage in conversations with society’s changemakers that disrupt and dismantle existing ideas of self-care and unpack today’s biggest topics in mental, physical, social, and environmental wellbeing. The Sound Bath podcast reinforces the brand’s focus and commitment to wellness, followed by their recent global decision to leave popular social media channels due to their negative mental health impacts.

“Lush is non-prescriptive in our approach to beauty, and we understand that self-care and wellness mean something different to everyone,” said Julia Hamfelt, Managing Editor for Lush Cosmetics North America. “We believe and champion leveraging technology to impact positive social change and saw an opportunity to create a healthy space for people to engage in diverse, meaningful dialogue about wellness with people they look up to.”

Listeners are encouraged to tune into the conversations in a relaxing space —to soak up the sounds in a bath—where they can immerse themselves and maybe even shift their mindset. On The Sound Bath, host and surrealist blues poet Aja Monet deep dives into ideas that transform and reveal us. The intimate discussions with some of her favorite authors, artists, activists and experts are thought-provoking, honest, and healing. Each episode concludes with a bespoke sound meditation inspired by the guest, composed and performed by The Dojo Upstate.

“I hope that this podcast can be a prompt to activate your inner life, around you, in your environment, in your community, and in your society day to day.” said Aja Monet. “Conversations can spark and shift entire movements. They can lead us intentionally into ourselves as we take a step towards one another.”

The Sound Bath launches Thursday, May 5, 2022, and is released bi-weekly. To find out more, check out and wherever you get your podcasts. APPLE/SPOTIFY/GOOGLE.

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