Luxury Cravings: Louis Vuitton Releases Burger Box

Luxury Cravings: Louis Vuitton Releases Burger Box

Luxury designer, Louis Vuitton has releases the LV Flower #BurgerBox by Louis Vuitton, handmade in Paris from the house’s soft monogram leather, the box’s floral print takes a feminine approach that plays against the simple, and somewhat childlike interpretation of the structure. Released as part of its ongoing Art of Dining collection, this opulent burger box is priced at a staggering $2,580. The plush floral leather exterior and beige microfiber lining make it a truly luxurious item.

The LV Flower Burger Box, which debuted on January 18, 2023, takes inspiration from fast food packaging. However, it goes beyond being just a fancy container. Inside the box, you’ll find six aptly-colored coasters representing different hamburger ingredients, such as crisp green for lettuce and red for tomato. A push-stud design allows the box to open and close with ease, while an LV tag on the inside adds a touch of sophistication.

This isn’t the first time a luxury brand has given food carriers an opulent spin. Saint Laurent released a $1,890 Happy Meal, and Louis Vuitton itself introduced a leather monogrammed pizza box back in 2021. The LV Flower Burger Box joins other items in the Art of Dining collection, including a Popcorn Basket, plates, a cocktail shaker, and a set of straws.

While some may question the practicality of a luxury takeaway box, it’s not made to actually put a burger inside, it’s created as a fun, quirky gift to place on your coffee table.


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Retail: $2,600 USD, Shop details here.