Netflix and Lacoste Partner for Merchandise

Netflix And Lacoste Partner For Merchandise

Lacoste, the French clothing brand known for its iconic green alligator logo, has teamed up with Netflix for a first-of-its-kind apparel collaboration. Launched on April 12, this unique collection celebrates the universes of eight popular Netflix shows, including Stranger Things, Bridgerton, Lupin, Money Heist, The Witcher, Sex Education, Shadow and Bone, and Elite.

The collaboration between Lacoste and Netflix aims to blend the worlds of fashion and entertainment, offering fans a creative way to express their love for their favorite stories and characters. The genderless collection features polos, caps, sweatshirts, tracksuits, and more, all adorned with the trademark Lacoste crocodile and special homages to each beloved Netflix show.

As part of the collaboration, videos have been created that showcase the Lacoste crocodile in a world that mixes the brand’s universe with the codes of the various Netflix shows. These fictitious characters, dressed in Lacoste x Netflix outfits, go beyond the typical ‘Netflix and chill’ uniform and are designed to be worn everywhere. The collection is available at select Lacoste stores and online.

Catherine Spindler, deputy CEO of Lacoste, expressed her delight with the collaboration, stating that it has resulted in a unique encounter between two worlds and two global references of creativity and innovation. The collection embodies this powerful encounter, combining the respective codes, influences, and know-how of both brands.

For example, the Lacoste crocodile’s face morphs into the infamous Demogorgon from Stranger Things, while for Bridgerton, the crocodile dons a blue, oversized wig to mirror the glamorous Queen Charlotte. Other pieces feature an all-over toile de Jouy-like print, with disguised crocodiles navigating between the signature graphics of the streaming platform.

This must-wear collection offers fans the opportunity to infuse their love for their favorite shows and their favorite clothing brand into their personal style. The collaboration is set to delight adventure lovers, romance fans, teen show enthusiasts, and fiction aficionados alike, connecting cultures and bridging the gap between sportswear and high fashion.

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