Nordstrom to open nine new Nordstrom Rack stores across US

Nordstrom To Open Nine New Nordstrom Rack Stores Across Us

Nordstrom, a leading fashion retail group, has announced plans to open nine new Nordstrom Rack stores across the United States. Nordstrom Rack is the off-price division of Nordstrom, Inc., offering clearance merchandise from Nordstrom stores as well as items purchased specifically for Nordstrom Rack. The store provides significant savings on top brands, with most items priced at 30-70% off.

The majority of these new stores are scheduled to open in spring 2024, while one is set to launch at a later date in 2025. Three of the new locations will be situated in Macedonia, Ohio; Wheaton, Illinois; and Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Additionally, five stores will open in California, specifically in Davis, Elk Grove, Gilroy, Oceanside, and San Mateo. These new additions will bring Nordstrom’s retail count in California to 68 Nordstrom Rack stores, 23 Nordstrom stores, five Nordstrom Locals, and one Asos x Nordstrom.

Carl Jenkins, Senior Vice President of Nordstrom Rack Stores, stated that the new locations would strengthen the company’s network while introducing new customers to the off-price concept. This expansion will also allow customers to pick up online orders and make returns more conveniently.

Nordstrom Rack was founded in 1973 as a clearance outlet full-line store in Seattle. Since then, it has grown to become an essential part of Nordstrom’s overall sales, making up about a fifth of the company’s revenue. The news comes after Nordstrom and Nordstrom rack pulled out of the Canadian market earlier this year.

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