Olay & Pantene Collaborate To Launch Into Ulta Beauty Stores

Olay &Amp; Pantene Collaborate To Launch Into Ulta Beauty Stores

Procter & Gamble’s beauty brands, OLAY and Pantene, have introduced a new personalized beauty line called Boosters, exclusively available at Walmart. Launched on April 20, 2022, the innovative product line aims to cater to consumers’ unique skin and hair needs.

The Pantene Booster collection includes four products designed to address specific hair concerns: Hydrate, Anti-Frizz, Strengthen, and Enhance. Meanwhile, the OLAY Booster collection offers five different serums, such as the AHA-rich Brightening Booster and the Vitamin E Oil Nourishing Hydration Booster. These simple formulas are crafted without parabens, mineral oil, or fragrance, focusing on highly sought-after ingredients for effective results.

OLAY and Pantene‘s research and development teams discovered through extensive consumer testing and insights that customers desire personalized beauty solutions based on their individual needs. This finding led to the co-creation of the Boosters line, which allows consumers to add ingredient-focused serums to their daily beauty routines for a more customized experience.

To help shoppers find the best-suited Boosters for their hair and skin goals, OLAY and Pantene collaborated with Walmart to develop an online quiz. By visiting haircode.com/personalizeyourbeauty, customers can take a three-minute assessment that factors in their hair and skin concerns, types, preferred routines, and relevant personality traits to suggest personalized product recommendations.

Creighton Kiper, Merchandising Vice President at Walmart Beauty, emphasized the importance of collaborating with supplier partners to offer customer solutions that align with industry trends. The launch of the OLAY and Pantene Boosters line at Walmart marks a significant step towards meeting the growing demand for personalization and value in the beauty industry.