Paka – Alpaca Apparel Company Releases Breathable Activewear Technology

Paka, the company that’s been setting a new norm for functional clothing by bringing alpaca fiber to the mainstream, announced today its expansion into thermoregulating activewear through the ‘BREATHE BY PAKA™’ head-to-toe line of soft and sustainable hoodies ($119 USD) and joggers ($125 USD) timed for Holiday 2021.

Founder Kris Cody has worked for more than five years directly alongside local Peruvian women to develop Paka’s double-knit fabric utilizing Alpaca fur – an innovative textile that is as soft as cashmere, warmer than sheep’s wool, hypoallergenic and water-resistant. The secret to the BREATHE line’s revolutionary comfort and wear experience comes from the Alpaca fibers, which are semi-hollow with an insulating core, making them both warm and breathable.

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