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Rebag Announces Rebag Rewards, Its First-Ever Loyalty Program

Rebag Announces Rebag Rewards, Its First-Ever Loyalty Program

Rebag, the authority for trading luxury goods, announces the launch of Rebag Rewards. The multi-tiered loyalty program offers various incentives at different levels — Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond — based on the amount that a customer trades, sells, and/or buys over time. Additionally, members will earn points that can be redeemed toward future purchases.

Rebag Rewards encourages circularity and repeat business by offering perks such as a first look at new arrivals, early access to sales, free domestic shipping and returns, special annual discounts, plus surprise rewards such as invitations to events, gifts, and more. Customers who have traded, sold, or purchased at least $500 in merchandise with Rebag are automatically enrolled in the program, which is completely free.

A Rebag Rewards member’s tier and perks are based on lifetime transactions with Rebag and will remain active for members who transact (trade, buy, or sell) at least once in the preceding 12 months. Members earn one point for every dollar transacted. Points can be redeemed at checkout. Every 1,000 points provides $20 value towards purchases. Rewards members must have a minimum points balance of 1,000 to redeem. At launch, Rebag will give all customers that qualify for Rebag Rewards 2,500 points or $50 USD to introduce them to the program.

“We are excited to introduce our first loyalty program which allows us to give back to our customers who have supported Rebag from the start,” said Rebag CEO and Founder Charles Gorra. “Since we began, our vision has been to fuel the circular economy and facilitate a sustainable cycle for luxury goods — our new program is built to support that by rewarding existing and incentivizing new resale buyers, sellers, and traders alike.”

Members can earn rewards through transactions on, at one of their nine retail locations, and through the Rebag app with ease. Once-loved items can be sold within 60 minutes by leveraging Rebag’s unique upfront payment offering, or buy and sell an item in a single, combined transaction via Rebag’s recently launched service: Clair Trade. Clair AI, the company’s revolutionary image recognition and pricing tool technology, identifies and prices luxury items within seconds — eliminating the guesswork and hesitation that often comes with re-selling an item or making a luxury purchase. 

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