Rebag Announces Rebag Rewards, Its First-Ever Loyalty Program

Rebag Announces Rebag Rewards, Its First-Ever Loyalty Program

Rebag, a digital and brick-and-mortar retail platform specializing in buying and selling luxury designer handbags, accessories, watches, fine jewelry, shoes, and select apparel, announced its first-ever loyalty program, Rebag Rewards, on January 20, 2022. This innovative program allows customers to trade, sell, or buy their way to perks and points, offering an exciting opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to enjoy exclusive benefits while shopping for high-end items.

Members of Rebag Rewards earn one point for every dollar transacted, with points being redeemable at checkout. To redeem points, members must have a minimum total points balance of 1,000. Every 1,000 points accumulated provides a $20 value towards purchases, making it an attractive incentive for loyal customers to continue shopping with Rebag.

The loyalty program also features a tiered system, allowing members to climb up the ranks and unlock additional benefits. These include early access to sales, VIP previews of new arrivals, and more. As members progress through the tiers, they can enjoy even greater rewards and exclusive offers tailored to their preferences.

“We are excited to introduce our first loyalty program which allows us to give back to our customers who have supported Rebag from the start,” said Rebag CEO and Founder Charles Gorra. “Since we began, our vision has been to fuel the circular economy and facilitate a sustainable cycle for luxury goods — our new program is built to support that by rewarding existing and incentivizing new resale buyers, sellers, and traders alike.”

In addition to these perks, Rebag Rewards offers several other member benefits such as a first look at new arrivals, early access to sales, and free domestic shipping. This comprehensive loyalty program not only encourages repeat business but also enhances the overall shopping experience for Rebag customers.

With the introduction of Rebag Rewards, the company aims to strengthen its relationship with its clientele and provide a more personalized and rewarding shopping experience. By offering a loyalty program that combines exclusive benefits with a points-based system, Rebag is taking a page from department store loyalty programs and adapting it to the world of luxury fashion retail.