Shiseido Launch a New Beauty Innovation, AI Makeup Advisor

Shiseido Launch A New Beauty Innovation, Ai Makeup Advisor

The launch of an AI Makeup Advisor experience in collaboration with Revieve® and ongoing partner Shiseido, the key global prestige brand of the Shiseido Group to serve consumers in the EMEA region.

The AI Makeup Advisor will support Shiseido’s vision in becoming a leading personal beauty and wellness brand by supporting consumers in discovering a makeup routine that is unique to each and every user.

The collaboration brings together Shiseido’s commitment to beauty innovation and Revieve’s AI Selfie Analysis, AI-powered personalized recommendations, and true-to-life virtual try on technologies to create the first digital makeup advisor experience in the world.

“Brands and retailers are connecting with their consumers in a whole new way,“ said Sampo Parkkinen, Founder and CEO at Revieve. “AI-powered technologies in a traditional industry like beauty and skincare will help guide brands in understanding their consumers and leveraging their needs to market and promote their products in the most tailored way possible.”

Revieve’s and Shiseido’s collaboration began in 2019 with the launch of the first Skincare Advisor across all Shiseido’s regional markets. Since then, the two have worked together on an array of beauty and wellness projects along Shiseido’s roadmap of becoming the leading personal beauty wellness company.

“While our partnership with Revieve started in the skincare category, we are excited to continue this ongoing collaboration and expand to makeup. Shiseido’s customers can now purchase new products with full confidence and discover a makeup routine that works for them,” said Romain Carrega, Shiseido EMEA Prestige Director. “Delivering these innovations to consumers to pursue beauty and wellness have been part of the Shiseido DNA since day one.”

How it Works:

Consumers can access the Makeup Advisor via Shiseido’s website, where they will be prompted to upload a selfie and answer questions based on desired beauty goals.

Based on Revieve’s AI selfie analysis, and user input, customers will receive a comprehensive list of recommended products based on full makeup application including eyes, lips, and face. Try a product before purchase using true-to-life virtual try-on technology and add favorite products to your shopping cart, all from the snap of a button.