Livestream Is Revolutionizing The Way Customers Shop In Stores

ShopShops is the first US-based, global livestream shopping app for fashion, beauty, & lifestyle products and this years recipient of the 2022 Retail Tech Awards – Livestream Shopping App of the Year.

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ShopShops is the first US-based, global livestream shopping app for fashion, beauty, & lifestyle products and this years recipient of the 2022 Retail Tech Awards – Livestream Shopping App of the Year. The shopping app mimics the energizing and engaging action of in-person shopping through the magic of livestream video – an invitation to a community of savvy host sellers and deal-seeking shoppers, within a wonderland of unique vintage & pre-loved luxury items.


ShopShops’ host sellers hail from 57 cities around the world and have hosted shows with more than 1,500 partners, ranging from the most historic luxury houses like Fendi, Marni, and Chloé to more accessible trend-forward brands like Rag & Bone and Rebecca Minkoff.

“A ‘magic door’ to shopping global like a local.” 

Livestream Is Revolutionizing The Way Customers Shop In Stores

ShopShops announced on November 15th its newest partner Bloomingdale’s Outlet for a six-week, ten-episode holiday livestream shopping series. This partnership marks Bloomingdale’s first foray into livestream commerce – a market with projected exponential growth from a $20 billion business in 2021, to $57 billion by 2025. 

ShopShops is backed by top VCs including Union Square Ventures, TCG, Forerunner, and Acrew, having raised $50M in funding. ShopShops is headquartered in NYC, with team members located all over the world.

As we’ve watched ShopShops go from 0-100mph over the past year in the US, we were amazed at the interest in livestream shopping and loyalty to ShopShops’ platform and hosts. The company now has an opportunity to expand its audience and capabilities to partner directly with brands and retailers, which we think pushes online commerce forward. – Vishal Lugani, Acrew Capital

Livestream Is Revolutionizing The Way Customers Shop In Stores

What was the inspiration behind launching ShopShops to U.S. consumers?

In 2020, U.S. mobile usage of content consumption increased, especially in user generated short-form videos, such as Instagram Reels and TikTok. This – combined with the hyper-growth of e-commerce and the adoption of mobile payments – made it a great time for ShopShops to commit to launching livestream shopping in the U.S.

During launch, ShopShops’ early tests of destination shopping, both domestic and international, showed a high engagement metric not only in comments, but in watch-time as well – which were the same marked behaviors seen in ShopShops’ early adoption period in China, where the livestream shopping industry is already booming.

How large is the livestream market and why is it attracting attention from fashion brands worldwide?

In 2021, the Chinese livestream shopping market reached $327 billion. It’s estimated that U.S. livestreaming e-commerce penetration will grow by more than 5X between 2020 and 2026.

The digital shopping industry has continuously evolved since inception, and livestream shopping is the next phase of that evolution. Brands are experimenting with and adopting the medium because it allows them to meet and engage with existing and new customers where, when and how they want to shop – beyond their traditional e-comm platforms. Specifically, there’s been an uptick in brands experimenting with livestream shopping during the holidays, such as Swarovski’s partnership with Meta for Instagram Live shopping. Livestream shopping allows them to unlock a new level of growth during this time.


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Why are brands and retailers starting to shift their focus on livestreaming over conventional online shopping?

Unlike conventional online shopping, ShopShops’ livestream shopping focuses on a direct and totally immersive interaction with sellers who are motivated by their individual passion for shopping, as well as their personal knowledge and expertise across fashion and lifestyle. They answer questions via real-time chat, model and style potential purchases, and offer first-hand reviews. It’s like having an all-access pass to your very own personal shopper around the clock.

What sort of livestreaming services do you currently provide brands and retailers, that other platforms do not?

The relationship between shoppers and sellers is ShopShops biggest asset, but ShopShops also prioritizes authentic and engaging content, which further fosters consumer loyalty and an emotional connection. The app showcases frequent auctions, product giveaways, and mystery box events, as well as our popular Closet Confidential series where ShopShops helps influencers and celebs clean out their closets – selling directly to ShopShops users. These are just some examples of the fun and entertaining events that consumers can’t access via conventional online shopping, and encourages ShopShops users to tune in to livestreams frequently and for long periods of time, which – in turn – leads to more frequent purchases.

Livestream Is Revolutionizing The Way Customers Shop In Stores
Stacy London livestreaming from her personal closet in New York, USA

Who is the ideal partner for ShopShops, what type of brands or retailers are best suited for partnership?

While pre-owned luxury is ShopShops specialty, the app is also a great platform for exclusive designer deals (i.e., via multi-brand retailers) across fashion and beauty. And ShopShops also features livestream events from department stores to luxury boutiques and local designers. Ultimately, ShopShops aims to offer shoppers sought-after opportunities to find items they wouldn’t have access to if they were limited to just their local area.

How does ShopShops create content for partners? What does the process look like from start to finish when a brand approves a host seller?

Once a ShopShops host seller is secured for an event, they study and become familiar with the brands and items that will be offered during the stream so they can talk about the items in great detail and are prepared to answer questions that shoppers may have. From there, it’s as simple as going ‘live’ on the app, and then the fun begins!

Why is it important to break down geographical boundaries and allow customers around the globe to shop like a local?

Some items and experiences can only be accessed by traveling, which not everyone is able to do, so ShopShops aims to offer those opportunities to as many people as possible, from the convenience of their own home and phone.  ShopShops hosts stream from all over the world – allowing users to experience everything from a highly sought after pre-loved luxury bag in Japan to an exclusive appointment at a designer boutique in Madrid, without ever booking a flight. International supply chains allow ShopShops to offer a consistent volume of the products their shoppers love at an exciting price point.

Livestream Is Revolutionizing The Way Customers Shop In Stores

What is ShopShops currently focusing on in terms of creating more value to their new and current partners?

In the U.S., partners have started exclusively using ShopShops for sales, with one merchant reporting she was able to close her brick & mortar store because she did markedly better sales on ShopShops. ShopShops invests in the success of new partners through training, leveraging skilled hosts and sharing in co-marketing opportunities to drive engagement.

After beginning my partnership with ShopShops last January, I was able to close my brick and mortar last summer. The way I do business has completely changed. I am no longer held prisoner in my shop waiting for customers to come to me. Also, I am not limited to the socioeconomics of my surroundings.  ShopShops has allowed me to reach a clientele I otherwise never would have had access to; not just nationally, but globally – Renée McCartney, Owner of Shore Couture (ShopShops partner)

Livestream Is Revolutionizing The Way Customers Shop In Stores
Renée McCartney, Owner of Shore Couture

“Being able to connect my products with customers in real time all over the world is something a small business only dreams of. ShopShops has given me the freedom to set my schedule and not waste any more time waiting for the customers to show up; therefore, I am using my time more efficiently. This level of growth of my business would have never been possible on my own. I am constantly building valuable customer relationships and the income has been life changing for me and my family,” Renée continued.

How does a brand or retailer get in contact to learn more about partnering with ShopShops?

Brands and retailers can reach out to us directly at [email protected]