Telfar Launches Telfar TV To Drip Limited Duffle Bag

Telfar @telfarglobal announces new media channel called Telfar TV, to showcase customer’s videos showcasing product, upcoming designs and live ‘drip’ of new collections, including the upcoming debut of the Telfar duffle bag.

TELFARTV is the place to see LIVE SHOWS, BREAKING NEWS on upcoming drops, EACH OTHER, the COMMUNITY, the CONSPIRACY, exclusive DRIPS that aren’t available anywhere else — and it’s the only place to get the new DUFFEL BAG.

A drip is a targeted drop. Basically — at random, unannounced times throughout the day we will flash a QR code on screen for 1 minute: scan it with your phone and get your bag. A drip is less bags than a drop — but your chances of getting one is higher.

Download TELFARTV on your actual TV via the App Store — or watch on TELFAR.TV

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