True Fit and Shopify Join Forces: AI Fit Personalization For All Merchants

A leading AI platform that decodes size and fit for consumers, True Fit has announced a strategic partnership with Shopify Inc.

True Fit And Shopify Join Forces: Ai Fit Personalization For All Merchants

A leading AI platform that decodes size and fit for consumers, True Fit has announced a strategic partnership with Shopify Inc., a comprehensive commerce platform. This collaboration aims to extend the quality, reliability, and economic benefits of True Fit’s services to merchants of all sizes.

As part of this partnership, Shopify merchants can now connect their brand to True Fit‘s Fashion Genome™, the most extensive and richest global connected AI fit platform. This connection is designed to eliminate shopper hesitation around fit, thereby boosting consumer confidence and conversion rates, reducing fit-related returns, and enhancing customer loyalty. The process of fit is a trust exercise, and by reimagining the rudimentary size guide with fit recommendations powered by millions of shoppers and enhanced by AI, merchants of all sizes can grow their brands profitably.

True Fit’s expert size and fit recommendations are trusted by a staggering 82 million active users, tens of thousands of brands, and hundreds of retailers globally across various categories including menswear, womenswear, kidswear, unisex apparel, footwear, swimwear, and structured intimates. Now, merchants of all sizes can access the full power of True Fit’s size and fit features in minutes by installing the new True Fit app available in Shopify’s app store. As these merchants grow, they can leverage True Fit’s full strategic platform of offerings, which includes solutions to improve the cost of shopper acquisition and access unique apparel-retail business intelligence.

William Adler, President and CEO of True Fit, expressed his excitement about this development, stating, “This is a very exciting moment for the $2.5Tr apparel industry, which historically has remained digitally constrained around 20-25% digital. By opening up the power of the Fashion Genome’s machine learning and artificial intelligence data engine to merchants of all sizes on the Shopify platform, we will accelerate merchant growth through frictionless digital discovery and consumption.”

Adler further emphasized True Fit’s mission to democratize access to the Fashion Genome and artificial intelligence across the industry, helping millions of consumers connect to the brands they love. He added, “True Fit builds trust between shoppers and brands with deep learning, and in doing so helps merchants cultivate loyal first party audiences, rich consumer preference patterns, and key product fit insights that all help to optimize a profitable growth business. We are thrilled to bring this enterprise capability to the rising brands, which will strengthen the fabric of the apparel markets from largest to smallest merchants.”

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the digital transformation of the apparel industry, promising to enhance the shopping experience for consumers while providing valuable insights and growth opportunities for merchants.

Learn more about Shopify and True Fit, now available for all merchants at

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