Voodoo Makeup Founder Aimée Carr: Redefining Clean Beauty Norms

In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of beauty and cosmetics, Aimée Carr stands out as a beauty trailblazer.

Voodoo Makeup Founder Aimée Carr: Redefining Clean Beauty Norms

In the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of beauty and cosmetics, Aimée Carr stands out as a beauty trailblazer. As the founder of VOODOO MAKEUP, she has redefined the industry norms by introducing an all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free makeup line that is devoid of mycotoxins and major allergens. Her journey, which began in her kitchen in New Orleans, Louisiana, has culminated in a brand that is not only celebrated on professional runways but also revered by celebrities for its performance and skin treatment properties.

Carr’s innovative approach to beauty was born out of necessity. After suffering from health issues due to exposure to black mold, she could not use conventional makeup products due to their mycotoxin content. This led her to create her own makeup using natural ingredients, which she initially used on herself and her clients.

All products are handcrafted by artisans in their New Orleans studio, using as few ingredients as possible. The brand’s philosophy is rooted in providing all-natural, chemical-free makeup that does not compromise on performance. This commitment to clean beauty extends to their packaging, which is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Carr’s impact on the beauty industry extends beyond her product line. She is a respected figure in the industry, with a reputation built on her holistic approach to beauty.

Her expertise as a Medical Esthetician and Celebrity Makeup Artist, combined with her innovative product line, has earned her recognition among fashion designers, models, national beauty pageants, and more.In this exclusive interview, we delve deeper into the life and career of Aimée Carr. We explore her inspirations, her challenges in her journey, and the unique philosophy underpinning VOODOO MAKEUP. Join us as we uncover the story of a woman who dared to challenge the status quo and in doing so, revolutionized the beauty industry.

1. Aimée, can you share with us the story behind the creation of VOODOO MAKEUP? What inspired you to start this journey?

Voodoo Makeup Founder Aimée Carr: Redefining Clean Beauty Norms

As the creator and founder of all-natural VOODOO MAKEUP, I created the industry’s first paleo cosmetic collection featuring award-winning, high-performing products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without mycotoxins or major allergens. My fascination with makeup and the world of skincare began at a tender age, nurtured by my mother who was a Director for Mary Kay. Those early memories of observing the application techniques and product choices sparked a deep curiosity about the human skin. It wasn’t long before I realized my calling lay in a professional career focused on skincare. Thus, I embarked on a journey to become an Esthetician, and as time went on, I specialized as a Medical Esthetician, collaborating with dermatologists and plastic surgeons to educate patients on utilizing makeup to enhance the results of their treatments and procedures.

During this time, developing these passions I also became a Celebrity Make Up Artist. I have always had an holistic approach to beauty which earned me a stalwart reputation among fashion designers, models, national beauty pageants, and more. Around two decades ago, my husband and I found ourselves living in a home contaminated with black mold. The resulting severe illness changed the biochemistry of my body, making me highly sensitive to mycotoxins and allergens commonly found in most makeup products. I had my own ongoing skin and health problems so I developed this expanding line of top-quality beauty essentials that take “clean” to a whole new level. I soon discovered that I wasn’t alone in experiencing adverse reactions to these substances so I was determined to find a solution. I set out to create makeup alternatives that were safe and free from harmful side effects.

My approach was simple yet effective—I only used ingredients that I could safely consume without any adverse reactions, confident that they would also be gentle on the skin. VOODOO originated from humble beginnings in my home kitchen, where I perfected an initial foundation formulation with the help of a coffee grinder. Inspired to create makeup that was safe for those who, like my mother, were battling cancer or other autoimmune diseases, I cleared a list of pure ingredients with my mother’s doctor that were “clean enough to eat.” I have always been extremely passionate about skincare, driving six hours every weekend to attend the Louisiana Institute of Cosmetology while working full-time in hospitality to fund my education. Graduating at the top of my class, I worked alongside some of Houston, Texas’ most elite plastic surgeons known for their distinctively holistic approach to skincare.

2. How did your personal experiences with allergies influence the development of VOODOO MAKEUP’s products?

When my health began to deteriorate due to a surge of black mold in my house, I eliminated all major allergens and mycotoxins from my diet – gluten, corn, soy, dairy – yet my skin problems persisted. Understanding that chemicals or additives in skin products can also penetrate into the body, I searched for a truly clean makeup line to support both my health and that of my clients. Unable to find beauty items that met with my rigorous standards of purity, I experimented with own all-natural formulations using shea butter, coconut oil, and a household coffee grinder. I perfected three initial cream foundation blends, with plans to introduce them at the 2013 Couture Fashion Week New York, but a terrible storm grounded the delivery – so I found myself a coffee grinder, the base ingredients, and whipped up a fresh batch right there backstage. My products proved an immediate sensation, and before I knew it, I was filling hundreds of orders for VOODOO MAKEUP. Within the next few years, I opened a flagship location in New Orleans’ French Quarter, where customers could enjoy an in-person custom color-matching experience and create their own personalized lipstick shades.

3. You’ve created a vegan, cruelty-free selection without mycotoxins, soy, gluten, or major allergens. Can you explain how VOODOO MAKEUP challenges the conventions of clean beauty?

Today, VOODOO MAKEUP has grown its organic collection that is powerfully redefining clean beauty to include an award-winning color-correcting concealer, 17 foundation shades, 48 lipstick shades, 25 richly-pigmented loose powder eyeshadows, eyeliner, bronzer, highlighter, blush, artist-quality brushes, and more. Long-lasting and safe, every product is formulated without corn, soy, or gluten. Equally important: I do not thin out my products with watered-down chemicals, which reduce shelf-life and render any moisturizing ingredients less effective. Instead, a rich blend of shea butter and coconut cream serve as a powerfully hydrating base, creating a wonderfully smooth application and beautifully natural-looking finish.

4. Can you tell us more about the importance of pushing boundaries in skincare?

In the wake of Covid, there has been a significant shift in people’s awareness regarding the importance of cleanliness, particularly when it comes to the products they use. I am delighted that individuals are now scrutinizing ingredients with greater attention. At Voodoo, we take immense pride in being truly clean, offering products that are composed of simple and pure ingredients. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging, as we prioritize supporting the environment. However, our focus goes beyond ecological concerns—it revolves around nurturing our natural bodies, recognizing that our skin absorbs everything we apply onto it.

In the beauty industry, we should prioritize moving away from harmful ingredients, ensuring products are safe and beneficial for the clients. It is up to us to help create the change. We should research solutions that do not add foreign toxins to people’s bodies. Make a commitment to research and refuse to settle solely for financial gains. Instead, tirelessly strive to deepen the understanding of ingredients and their potential negative effects. Anyone in the skincare industry should make the well being and health of the client the priority. Conscientiously evaluate the safest approach and actively seek alternatives that prioritize the well-being of our clients. Make safety and satisfaction the forefront of the decision-making process.

5. How does VOODOO MAKEUP cater to all people, everywhere? Are there any specific strategies or initiatives in place to ensure inclusivity?

No matter a person’s gender, age, ethnicity, or region, VOODOO MAKEUP is dedicated to offering cosmetics that are appropriate for them. Developing a wide choice of products that accommodate various skin tones and types, providing online videos for customers to learn more about applying makeup, and having customer service personnel available to respond to any queries. In order to support the advancement of inclusivity and diversity in the cosmetics sector, VOODOO MAKEUP also collaborates with a variety of philanthropic organizations. VOODOO MAKEUP is working hard to ensure that everyone, anywhere may feel confident and beautiful.

6. Finally, how do you see skincare and beauty as interconnected aspects of health and the future of clean beauty?

VOODOO MAKEUP takes “clean cosmetics” to a whole new level of purity, introducing the industry’s first paleo, mycotoxin-free makeup that checks all the right boxes (and more) for today’s conscious consumers. It challenges the conventions of clean beauty with a vegan, cruelty-free selection crafted without mycotoxins, soy, gluten, or major allergens. We are on a mission to prove that “high-performing” products can feature doctor-approved ingredients that are “safe enough to eat,” the brand continuously pushes all the boundaries of innovation in skincare and beauty, promoting them both as interconnected aspects of health. VOODOO MAKEUP is dedicated to using only the best natural ingredients, creating one of the largest clean beauty color selections featuring rich, buildable pigments perfect for all people, everywhere.

More than half of US women actively check their makeup ingredients – and for good reason. Unlike food or medicine, the FDA does not regulate makeup or skincare ingredients, leaving it up to consumers to do their own due diligence. VOODOO MAKEUP was born out of a determination to find a product both safe and high-performing enough for fashion models, cancer patients, and anyone eager to enjoy truly clean beauty. Clean beauty is an important part of good health. I formulated this product for myself, to support my own health journey, using recognizable and wholesome ingredients that I would use on my own kids. The first four ingredients in any makeup are the most important, as these serve to create the bulk of the product. It is crucial to recognize that the human skin is the largest organ of the body.

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health investigated the absorption rates of chemicals from drinking water through the skin. The findings revealed that the skin absorbed an average of 64% of the total contaminant dosage. Considering this significant absorption capacity, one can only imagine the potential impact of multiple layers of makeup on our skin. Inspired by this understanding, I established Voodoo Makeup, grounded in the belief that skincare products should prioritize safety without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

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