Trés Lashique CEO Stephanie Jones-Price: The Magnetic Lash Revolution

In the beauty industry, Stephanie Jones-Price stands out as an ambitious entrepreneur in business and aesthetics.

Très Lashique

In the beauty industry, Stephanie Jones-Price stands out as an ambitious entrepreneur in business and aesthetics. A woman of many roles – a devoted wife, loving mother, registered nurse, influencer, and lash enthusiast – she holds the position of CEO and Co-Founder of Trés Lashique, a brand specializing in magnetic lashes that advocates for natural beauty.

Jones-Price’s passion for celebrating and enhancing the inherent elements of beauty has allowed her to establish a unique place in the beauty industry. She emphasizes the importance of safeguarding and nurturing one’s natural beauty assets.

Trés Lashique Ceo Stephanie Jones-Price: The Magnetic Lash Revolution

In this exclusive feature, we delve into her journey, exploring her motivations, inspirations, and the driving force behind her successful venture, Trés Lashique. We invite you to join us as we unravel the story of this dynamic entrepreneur, her commitment to diversity, and her steadfast dedication to empowering women through the medium of beauty.

1. Stephanie, can you tell us about your journey from being a registered nurse to becoming the CEO and Co-Founder of Très Lashique?

Trés Lashique Ceo Stephanie Jones-Price: The Magnetic Lash Revolution

The journey has triggered a mosh-posh of experiences and emotions that I feel will sharpen my business skills in the long run. Since I am still employed and working at the bedside within my nursing career, balancing family, work, and entrepreneurship is sometimes a struggle. Above all, persistence and faith in my product have been essential components of this journey.

2. As a wife, mother, and professional, how do you balance your personal life with the demands of running a fast-growing beauty brand?

God’s grace and mercy are what I am a benefactor of. My family and friends are incredibly supportive of me. There is NOTHING off the table for my husband to do in support of me and my vision. He always tells me that “he is my biggest fan.” I am also blessed with a circle of friends who consistently support me.

In conjunction with the support I receive from family and friends, I have learned the value of productively using “free” time. Reading, keeping lists, and prioritizing rest have also been contributory.

3. How does your nursing background influence how you approach product procurement at Très Lashique?

Safety is a key component for Très Lashique. My nursing career has influenced product consideration very heavily. As a nurse, keeping patients safe is my top priority. Education is a cornerstone to the provision of safety. I would like to educate my consumer base on protecting natural beauty assets (NBA’s) from conditions such as Traction Alopecia. The Très Lashique platform will provide safe products for beauty enhancement and educate my customers about protecting NBA’s.

4. Can you share insights into your initial challenges when starting Très Lashique and how you overcame them?

Fear was a major obstacle for me. I was fearful because entrepreneurship is not something I have had first-hand exposure to. No one within my immediate circle was an entrepreneur, so the concept of entrepreneurship intimidated me. The financial obligations that I linked to the process were extremely daunting.

I overcame the fear through prayer, faith, and ultimately, deciding that my vision was worth gambling on.

5. What sets Très Lashique’s magnetic lashes apart from other products?

Quality and safety. Très Lashique has a brand owner who has been a faithful customer of her own products. As a daily wearer of Très Lashique magnetic lashes, I can wholeheartedly attest to the following statement, “Not one of my natural lashes has been lost due to the application of Très Lashique magnetic lashes. I have benefited from beautiful eyelash enhancement, and my natural lashes have grown substantially since ceasing my prior lash enhancement process.”

6. How do you envision the future of Très Lashique in the ever-evolving beauty industry?

Très Lashique will continue to add to its safe, high-quality beauty enhancement offerings and provide an educational platform for customers. Future endeavors include working with clients who suffer from all forms of Alopecia and providing those individuals the opportunity to utilize beauty enhancements to regain what was lost. Très Lashique will also embark on mentorship and enrichment programs.

7. Lastly, what advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to make a mark in the beauty industry?

I encourage them to do their research regarding the product(s). Ensure there is a market for the product you are interested in marketing. Firmly identify your brand and branch out to represent that brand without compromise. Pack your patience and prepare to try out multiple products, formulas, and vendors until you find what represents your brand perfectly.

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