Wonderbelly Co-Founder Lucas Kraft: ‘Target partnership marks a major milestone’

The clean digestive health medicine company, Wonderbelly founded by brothers Lucas and Noah Kraft, has recently launched its flagship product, Wonderbelly Antacid, in over 650 Target stores and on Target.

Wonderbelly Co-Founder Lucas Kraft: 'Target Partnership Marks A Major Milestone'

The clean digestive health medicine company, Wonderbelly founded by brothers Lucas and Noah Kraft, has recently launched its flagship product, Wonderbelly Antacid, in over 650 Target stores and on Target.com. This marks the company’s first major retail partnership, which took place on March 27, 2023. The Austin, Texas-based company is at the forefront of the clean medicine movement, offering FDA-regulated, over-the-counter relief from heartburn, acid indigestion, and sour stomach.


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Target will carry three delicious flavors of Wonderbelly‘s chewable antacid tablets – Strawberry Milkshake, Watermelon Mint, and a new, exclusive Fruity Cereal flavor available only at Target. These tablets are formulated with clean label project certified inactive ingredients that are non-GMO, vegan, and free of talc, dyes, gluten, dairy, common allergens, synthetic sweeteners, artificial flavors, parabens, and preservatives. Additionally, the packaging is made of aluminum and is 100% recyclable, showcasing the company’s commitment to sustainability.


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The launch of Wonderbelly Antacid in Target stores signifies a significant step forward in the clean medicine movement, making it easier for consumers to access thoughtfully sourced and more sustainably packaged products without compromising on quality, effectiveness, or environmental impact.

Developed with the support of top gastroenterologists and pharmaceutical manufacturers, Wonderbelly Antacid uses the same active ingredient, calcium carbonate, as other leading brands while maintaining its clean and tasty formula. Co-founder Lucas Kraft emphasizes the company’s mission to provide clean digestive products without compromise and to spark conversations around digestive health, aiming to destigmatize discussions that have become taboo.


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We sat down with for an exclusive interview with Co-Founder of Wonderbelly, Lucas Kraft to learn more about the company’s mission to provide products without the compromise, digestive health and what launching into their first mass retailer means for the future of the brand:

How did you first come up with the idea behind Wonderbelly?

I struggled with an eating disorder for roughly a decade from the age of 15 into my mid-twenties. While I was fortunate to recover, it did major, lifelong damage to my digestive health system and left me dependent on OTC digestive health products like antacids on a daily basis. In 2020, amidst the recall for Zantac, I started to become increasingly aware of the ingredients in my medications and was really shocked to find that many of the products I was taking contained inactive ingredients that were being removed from beauty products, food and even pet food.

When I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the market – something that was both effective but also met my preferences around ingredients – it sparked the idea to create Wonderbelly, a clean, sustainable digestive health company committed to providing digestive health medicine without compromise. Our debut product, Wonderbelly Antacid, is made with 1000mgs of Calcium Carbonate (same active ingredient as TUMS) and is free from talc, dyes, parabens, and synthetic flavors and dyes, and is packaged in recyclable aluminum containers (a novelty in the plastic-filled OTC arena).


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What is the clean medicine movement, and why should shoppers be concerned about it?

Over the past decade we’ve seen the clean movement spread across and improve industries ranging from beauty and food to personal care and household cleaners, with conscientious  consumers very much leading the charge in demanding different options to meet the needs of their families, and also address the needs of the planet.

For consumers who check the label on their food, they generally care about things like Non-GMO or avoiding artificial dyes and synthetic sweeteners, so checking the ingredient label on their medicine is a natural progression.

Now in 2023, we really see the clean movement taking on medicine – with companies like Wonderbelly launching clean-ingredient, tasty, sustainably-packaged and most importantly, effective options to provide relief from the symptoms of some of the most common medical conditions but with a more selective eye to ALL the ingredients that go into the product, not just the active ones. Wonderbelly is thrilled to be helping lead the charge in this movement, one that will change the way we look at labels beyond just our food or beauty products.

Wonderbelly is clean label project certified. 

What does this partnership with Target mean to you?

As one of the country’s top retailers, Target carries immense authority and weight in determining consumer trends and helping push the zeitgeist forward. They help set the tone of what is “in”, and at Wonderbelly we are not only trying to offer better products but help change the conversation around digestive health – ranging from eating disorders to normalizing conversations around things we all experience like pooping, farting and bloating.

Target gets that and wants to help all people feel comfortable about their digestive health. This partnership marks a major milestone for Wonderbelly and really validates  the importance of what we’ve built as a company – particularly in spearheading a clean medicine movement that very much aligns with consumers who look for clean label certified, enjoyable and environmentally-friendly products.


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Why did you select Target as your choice for an exclusive retail partner?

From day one, we felt incredibly in sync with the team at Target, whose vision for reimagining OTC medicine aisles was very much aligned with our own. In addition to shared vision and brand alignment, Target has offered Wonderbelly immense support in propelling our national expansion with inline displays and valuable real estate in Target OTC aisles at over 650 stores across the country.  We are excited to continue to grow with Target, together.

What is one best selling product? and why do you think customers love it?

All of our Wonderbelly Antacid flavors are popular for different reasons, but we’re very excited about our new Target exclusive-release, Fruity Cereal, which became available TODAY! What we love so much about the Fruity Cereal is that it is equally attractive to people who prefer fruity flavors as to those who prefer desert flavors. It’s one of the best flavors yet and the nostalgic element is sure to please.

Do you have plans of expanding outside the US market? 

Wonderbelly considers itself a global brand. Everyone in the world has a belly :), but for now we are focused on North America and ensuring we don’t bite off more than we can chew.

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