Atticus Tysen Joins Nordstrom Board of Directors

As the new year began, Nordstrom, Inc.

Atticus Tysen Joins Nordstrom Board Of Directors

As the new year began, Nordstrom, Inc. welcomed a fresh addition to its Board of Directors. On January 3, 2023, Atticus Tysen officially joined the board, bringing with him over three decades of valuable engineering and information security experience. This appointment is expected to enhance the diversity of expertise within the board and contribute to the company’s focus on technology and cybersecurity in the retail industry.

Tysen’s impressive background includes a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Stanford University and various leadership roles in the technology sector. Prior to joining Intuit, he served as the vice president of engineering at Aveo, Inc., where he was responsible for setting the overall technical direction and leading teams to build and deliver proactive technology support and messaging systems for personal computer manufacturers. Tysen also held positions as a software engineering manager at OCTel and Apple.

Currently, Tysen holds the position of senior vice president of product development, chief information security, and fraud prevention officer at Intuit, Inc. In this role, he oversees the applications supporting the company’s core IT functions, as well as its cybersecurity and fraud prevention operations. His previous roles at Intuit include senior vice president and chief information officer, vice president of product development for the financial management solutions group, director of new technology, and head of the company’s intellectual property protection program.

Nordstrom‘s Board of Directors comprises a diverse group of individuals with extensive experience in various sectors, including enterprise leadership, relevant sector experience, international experience, corporate governance, diversity, education, and personal and individual characteristics. With the addition of Atticus Tysen, the board is poised to further strengthen its strategic decision-making and support the company’s growth in an increasingly competitive retail landscape.

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