Bergdorf Goodman Launches Conscious Closet Program to Extend the Life of Luxury Goods

Bergdorf Goodman Launches Conscious Closet Program To Extend The Life Of Luxury Goods

Bergdorf Goodman has recently introduced its innovative Conscious Closet program. This initiative aims to extend the useful life of customers’ luxury items by offering a range of personal styling, alteration, repair, and resale services. The program is designed to support the circular economy in fashion and is created in partnership with the resale platform Fashionphile.

The Conscious Closet program begins with a consultation from a Bergdorf Goodman stylist who assesses the customer’s closet and suggests which items should be edited, repaired, altered, or resold. The company’s Fifth Avenue flagship store houses an atelier that can perform various services, from basic rehems to complex alterations. Additionally, Bergdorf Goodman has partnered with Santana Leather Care for restoration services such as resoling, stretching, re-dyeing, and refinishing leather, cleaning and replacing linings, and replacing hardware.

“We’re thrilled to be launching Conscious Closet, an integrated set of service offerings that combine our efforts in circularity with our legendary client experience,” said Melissa Xides, chief retail officer, Bergdorf Goodman in a press release. “The program has been designed to extend the use of the beloved items in our customers’ closets and we’re certain this first-of-its-kind program will be a welcome addition to the services we provide our customers,”

To facilitate donations, Bergdorf Goodman has teamed up with Give Back Box, allowing customers to donate gently used items to local charities. The Conscious Closet program aligns with Neiman Marcus Group’s (NMG) environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy, which includes a commitment to extend the useful life of 1,000,000 luxury items through circular services by 2025.

With a target audience comprising 25.67% male and 74.33% female, Bergdorf Goodman’s Conscious Closet program is expected to appeal to a wide range of customers who value sustainability and responsible consumption. The program complements the retailer’s ongoing curation of ethical and sustainable products, known as Conscious Curation.

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