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Bomē Launches the Coveted ‘It’ Skirt, The Only Skirt You Will Need

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Bomē Launches the Coveted ‘It’ Skirt, The Only Skirt You Will Need

Bomē, an experimental design project that explores the cross between the artful expression of style and the soulful connectedness of the natural world, has announced the launch of its inaugural design, the Button Skirt.

Founded by Chelsey Korman, Bomē’s creative director and the artist behind Austin’s conscious branding studio, rucoco, the Button Skirt is the brand’s trademark silhouette. The Button Skirt is now available in two colorways including the Original Canvas, a creamy white, and the Natural Canvas, a soft, sandy tonal. Bomē will continue to release small drops of the Button Skirt in other hues, as well as additional design projects in limited quantities.

Designed to emphasize the architecture that belongs uniquely to a woman’s body, Bomē’s Button Skirt is a form-fitting and ever-enduring staple. Coined as the “sisterhood of the traveling skirt” by its fans, in its two years of prototyping, it underwent hundreds of iterations, fittings and evolutions to become a piece made to accentuate each woman who wears it.

Slowly made of natural cotton canvas and organic buttons, the skirt is a modern, utilitarian and conscious take on a classic silhouette. The material and design lend themselves to fit, and ease of wear and wash, creating a lasting piece in both style and longevity. A “blank canvas” of a style, it is the ultimate versatile staple intended for daily wear and for each woman to make it her own.

“What we wear on our bodies and adorn in our homes says something significant about us. The material world is as equally a tool for expression as is a paintbrush, and when done mindfully, it allows us to show who we are and what we value. When clothing is consumed as a form of art — as a means of individualized expression — it’s a playground for both the artist and the observer. Doing less harm in the process is a fundamental part of this practice,” said Bomē founder Chelsey Korman.

The Button Skirt is designed in Austin and sewn in California by a small, women-run shop. Bomē’s skirt is made of natural materials, and its shipping and packaging materials are plastic-free, recyclable, and intended for repurposing. The skirt is available in sizes 0-18 and can be purchased at  

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