A New Wave of Brands Arrive in Brooklyn: HOUSE OF SHOWFIELDS

Brooklyn’s experiential concept store, HOUSE OF SHOWFIELDS, recently announced the arrival of over twenty new brands to its Williamsburg location.

A New Wave Of Brands Arrive In Brooklyn: House Of Showfields

Brooklyn’s experiential concept store, HOUSE OF SHOWFIELDS, recently announced the arrival of over twenty new brands to its Williamsburg location. This exciting addition expands the store’s carefully curated selection of innovative and unique products across various categories, including home goods, wellness, fashion, and more.

Launched in 2019, SHOWFIELDS is a lifestyle discovery store that features rotating, themed curations of mission-driven products, art, and events that can be found “IRL” (in real life) for the first time. With stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Miami, Washington DC, and Los Angeles, SHOWFIELDS has created a unique opportunity for brands to run measurable retail campaigns in some of the world’s most desirable retail locations.

The latest curation at the Brooklyn location includes new additions such as Branch Basics, Floof, Nalgene, Ollie, and Mochidoki. The Dining Room area, perfect for spring entertaining, now features Crow Canyon Home, Heralcea, and Sweetapolita. Gourmand shoppers can sample food and treats from Lifeway Kefir, Dream Pops, Gardyn, Oobli, and Death Wish Coffee. Wellness enthusiasts can discover brands like Little Bird, High Priestess, and Natural Patch, while THC-infused beverages from Cantrip are also part of the latest selection. Style and Beauty shoppers will find Bric’s Milano, Seamless Lingerie, Pangea, Alpine Provisions, and skincare from Kosterina.

Love Weld, already available in SHOWFIELDS Miami and NOHO, now has a space in Brooklyn where shoppers can treat themselves to permanent jewelry by appointment or walk-in. SHOWFIELDS’ unique approach to retail offers brands a chance to build an emotional experience with customers, focusing on marketing rather than just sales. The store’s interactive element sets it apart from traditional department stores, providing a more engaging shopping experience for customers.

One of the significant opportunities for brands partnering with SHOWFIELDS is the data and information the store can provide. The NYC space has one sensor for every 90-square-feet of store space, offering real-time data to each brand inside SHOWFIELDS. This data includes heat mapping, showing which products customers are touching, picking up, and lingering in front of. Prices for a space in SHOWFIELDS start at $6,000 a month, scaling up based on location and square footage.

Brands keep all profits from sales, while a space in House of Showfields starts at $4,000 a month. Since the opening of House of Showfields, the entire store has seen a 50% increase in sales, proving the success of this experiential retail model. As SHOWFIELDS approaches its one-year mark since opening in NYC in December 2018, it continues to find success in its evolved department store model. By offering a platform for direct-to-consumer brands to transition into physical retail, SHOWFIELDS is reimagining the retail landscape and providing a fresh, engaging experience for shoppers.

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