Cantù Beauty reimagines product packaging and ingredients

Cantù Beauty Reimagines Product Packaging And Ingredients

Cantù Beauty, a renowned hair care brand based in Dallas, Texas, recently embarked on a journey to rebrand its product packaging and ingredients. This decision was driven by the desire to put consumers first and stay true to their evolving needs while maintaining the core identity that loyal customers know and love.

The rebranding process began with Cantù reaching out to its community of “curlfriends” to gather feedback on what they wanted to see reflected in the new imagery, typography, structure, and color palette. This collaborative exercise led to the redesign of the brand’s packaging, which now features an energetic graphic representation of curls, coils, and waves, as well as color guides that differentiate the uses of each product. Styling products have a maroon accent, while conditioning products feature a green accent.

In addition to the visual changes, Cantù also addressed concerns raised by consumers regarding the formulation of their best-selling Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner. The brand partnered with Cosmetic Chemist & Beauty Industry Expert, Erica Douglas, also known as Sister Scientist, to reformulate the product by removing alcohols and silicones, making it more suitable for those with sensitivities or objections to these ingredients. The new formula also boasts improved moisturizing and conditioning properties, enhancing absorption for type 4 curls.

The redesigned packaging and updated product formulations are part of Cantù’s commitment to embracing customer feedback and evolving alongside its consumers. The brand aims to redefine standard beauty norms and champion individuals with all curl types to embrace every stage of their style evolution. With this rebranding, Cantù Beauty continues to be a go-to brand that celebrates all curls, ensuring that their products cater to the diverse needs of their customers.