Adore Me Launches Sustainable Curated Marketplace

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Known for being the first lingerie brand to bring extended sizing to the market, Adore Me, is proud to introduce Sustainabl.com: a specially curated marketplace partnering brands that are spearheading the sustainable fashion movement. In partnership with ECOfashion Corp and Commonshare, a sustainable supply chain management platform, the Sustainabl.com platform will feature the Shine Index, a clear rating that conveys to the customer just how sustainable the item they are shopping is. The scale will include scores like “Good Start”, “Getting There” and “Top Rated”.

The mission of Sustainabl.com is to not burden the customer with the responsibility of sourcing whether or not an item is sustainable, but to provide a solution to support and educate each and every purchase. “Right now, shopping for sustainable goods is often inconvenient and confusing—even for the people who have the desire,” says Morgan Hermand, CEO & Founder of Adore Me. “We are launching Sustainabl.com to build one place where we can bring together the brands pushing forward sustainable fashion, while making the sustainable shopping experience a superior one for customers.”

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