Will Digital Tags Be The Answer to Transparency in Fashion?

Digital clothing price labels have the potential to significantly contribute to sustainable fashion retailing.

Will Digital Tags Be The Answer To Transparency In Fashion?

Digital clothing price labels have the potential to significantly contribute to sustainable fashion retailing. Companies like Digety and Ynvisible are revolutionizing the fashion industry by providing reusable digital price labels that address the needs of sustainable clothing and fashion.

One of the main advantages of using digital price labels is the reduction in electronic waste and carbon footprint. Ynvisible’s printed e-paper displays for digital label applications are manufactured using printed electronic techniques, which means less electronic waste and a lower carbon footprint. These labels are easily readable, flexible, and can be customized to clients’ information display needs. Additionally, the technology is very low power, ensuring a long lifetime for the labels.

The growing number of sustainable clothing brands has increased the demand for eco-friendly materials, improved manufacturing techniques, and the reuse and recycling of materials to minimize waste across fashion value chains. This trend extends to how products are labeled and prices displayed. With the continuing trend in digital transformation within the retail sector, there is a growing need to rapidly and frequently change prices to synchronize online and physical store prices, price reductions, and campaigns. Updating prices on individual garments can be costly and labor-intensive with conventional paper labels. Digital price labels offer a more efficient and sustainable alternative.

Marc Lebherz, founder at Digety, stated that Ynvisible’s display technology is a perfect fit for their requirements as it offers a wide viewing angle, customization options, an attractive price point, low power consumption, and flexibility. By using flexible materials in combination with Ynvisible’s display, they can manufacture a completely paper-like price label that is easier to recycle and can be made from sustainable materials, reducing their ecological footprint.

Ddigital clothing price labels, such as those provided by Digety and Ynvisible, enable sustainable fashion retailers to adopt more eco-friendly practices in their operations. These labels not only reduce electronic waste and carbon footprint but also offer a more efficient and cost-effective solution for updating garment prices, making them an essential tool for sustainable fashion retailing.