e.l.f. Beauty Reduces More Than One Million Pounds of Packaging Materials

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e.l.f. Beauty is proud to announce it has eliminated more than one million pounds of packaging materials through its Project Unicorn initiative. Project Unicorn was launched in 2019 to elevate the brand’s product assortment, presentation, and on-shelf presence through innovative streamlining of product packaging.

In 2020, the Company announced that it had eliminated an estimated 650,000 pounds of waste and earned three design patents for packaging innovation. e.l.f. Beauty’s Chief Creative Officer, Ashley Rosebrook, who spearheaded the effort and has continued to work in imaginative ways to reduce the footprint of the Company’s packaging, shared more on the journey: “We named this initiative Project Unicorn because, like the mythical creature, no one thought it could actually be possible,” recalls Rosebrook. “We were determined, and through design and teamwork, we proved it could work; when we thought outside the box, we were able to eliminate the box.”

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