FashionGo To Debut Omnichannel B2B Trade Show In Palm Springs

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FashionGo Week Palm Springs

FashionGo, the leading online B2B fashion marketplace, is transforming the wholesale trade industry playbook with its first in-person trade event that will bring their digital platform and community to life in 2022, with the first event location in Palm Springs and later in New York. These locations will be the first in a series of openings as FashionGo plans to launch additional regional locations, optimizing market access and geographies in coming years.

The first wholesale trade event will launch May 3-5 in Palm Springs, California, the very location where the first ever wholesale apparel in-person marketplace, Round Up, the predecessor of the Apparel Guild in California, launched 80 years ago. FashionGo Week Palm Springs will combine the creativity, rich experience, and sense of community of in-person fashion markets with the convenience, speed, and efficiency of FashionGo’s powerful technology and data driven tools.

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