Female Entrepreneur Launches Bandages for Black & Brown Skin-Tones

Female entrepreneur, Tianna McFarlane frustrated with the lack of colour options for bandages whist on vacation saw an opportunity and two years later, @healincolour was born.

In a statement to CTV New, Tianna McFarlane said “I want Black and brown people to have the opportunity to feel confident in their skin as they heal. And get to have that exact match that doesn’t stand out as much as the lighter, white ones.”

“What I saw on shelves when I went looking for bandages was white and more white,” she said.

McFarlane had to settle with whatever was there, but in that moment, she saw an opportunity.

So over the past two years, McFarlane has been coming up with the look for her bandages and working out manufacturing deals.

And last month, she officially launched her company, Instagram and its website @healincolour.

Tianna has already secured distribution at @yorkuniversity and has plans to provide brown and black bandage to customers worldwide!

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