Gucci metaverse head Robert Triefus to step down

Gucci Metaverse Head Robert Triefus To Step Down

Robert Triefus, a seasoned executive in the luxury fashion industry, has recently announced his departure from Gucci after 15 years with the company. Triefus held various positions during his tenure, including Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Brand and Customer Engagement. In September, he was appointed as the CEO of Vault and Metaverse Ventures, a newly created division dedicated to expanding Gucci’s presence in the digital space, particularly in web3 and gaming.

Triefus played a significant role in defining Gucci’s brand strategy and was instrumental in the development of Gucci Vault, an experimental online platform launched in September 2021. He worked closely with former creative director Alessandro Michele to bring this innovative project to life. Under Triefus’ leadership, Gucci focused on embracing change and innovation while staying true to its unique DNA and values.

However, Triefus will be leaving Gucci at the end of April to pursue another career opportunity. A spokesperson for the company confirmed the news, expressing gratitude for his contributions and highlighting his impact on the brand’s approach to client engagement and new business initiatives.

During his time at Gucci, Triefus was also involved in promoting diversity and inclusion within the company. In response to a controversial incident involving a balaclava sweater design in 2019, Gucci established the Changemakers Council and implemented various programs to further embed these values into the corporate culture. These initiatives included a design fellowship, a volunteering program called Gucci Changemakers, and an impact fund aimed at supporting disadvantaged minorities in America.

As Triefus steps down from his role as Gucci metaverse head, the company will continue to explore opportunities for brand expansion and scaling in the digital space. It remains to be seen who will take over Triefus’ responsibilities and how Gucci will evolve under new leadership.

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