Métisse Natura Launch The Duo Beauty Line For Next Generation of Hair

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Métisse Natura a vegan, clean beauty line launched by Actress and Entrepreneur, Raquel Bolleau is a solution for natural curly hair needs that were created to address extra special needs any mixed hair textures. The goal of Métisse Natura® is to grow an authentic, organic curl community by promoting confidence in wearing one’s hair naturally.

Métisse Natura Launch The Duo Beauty Line For Next Generation Of Hair

The first collection launched by Métisse Natura, The Duo, hair care routine includes a Rice Water Detangled and The Curl Defining Cream. The simple 2 step process is the recipe to beautifully defined, hydrated curls. When these two products are paired together you will sustain stronger, healthier hair. “It is a luxurious hair care product that also happens to be organic and safe to use on women, men and children. I have hundreds of testimonials from people who are in love with the products,” said Bolleau.

Métisse Natura Launch The Duo Beauty Line For Next Generation Of Hair
The Rice Water Detangler + The Curl Defining Cream are the perfect combination.

Meet the Founder of Métisse Natura, Raquel Bolleau

Métisse Natura Launch The Duo Beauty Line For Next Generation Of Hair
Founder of Métisse Natura, Raquel Bolleau

Raquel Bolleau, is an Actress, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, and Founder of Métisse Natura®. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. For years, Raquel struggled with confidence to wear her naturally curly hair and hid behind silk presses, weaves, and perms to make her waves as straight as possible. As an Actress, she was never satisfied in the hair and makeup trailer, as her hair always seemed hard for celebrity stylists to work with.

“My hair was always a problem, it was either too frizzy, puffy, not straight enough, or too dry. I knew I had to find a solution, and for me that was learning how to take care of my own hair. I have tried so many different products on my natural haircare journey. It wasn’t until I became a mother when I understood the importance of truly embracing who I am, and celebrating my natural hair.

My children are Métisse (French word for mixed race) French & African American with beautiful curly hair, but I will never forget the day my daughter looked in the mirror with sadness on her face and said she wished she had straight hair. It broke my heart to see her at such a young age, self conscious about her curls.

What was the inspiration behind launching Métisse Natura?

When I first began looking for products on the market that could work for my hair texture and my daughters hair, I couldn’t find any that I was absolutely in love with. That is what inspired me to start experimenting with various natural and traditional ingredients. Eventually I landed on our key ingredient – Rice Water which has been used for centuries in Asian culture, but whose benefits for curly hair hadn’t been fully discovered. Rice Water is used to target the specific needs for curly hair by adding moisture, bounce, repairs breakage, and promotes healthy hair growth. In addition Métisse uses unique proprietary blends of natural herbs, oils, and essences.

We have developed a line of products that are vegan, clean, smell incredible, and work like a charm. What makes Métisse Natura different and vital to the market is that our products are specifically designed FOR textured hair to ENHANCE natural hair textures. We currently have an easy 2 step kit called The Duo, which is the rice water leave-in detangler, and a curl defining cream. We are also in development of our clarifying shampoo and hydrating conditioner.

Why do you think stylists struggle so much with natural curly hair textures?

I think stylists struggle with curly hair textures because they are so complex. There is no perfect way to style curly hair, you really have to find a method that works for your specific hair type. It’s not like straightening hair where you know what the final results will be. You really have to get to know the curl pattern and use the right products and methods that will give you the desired look you’re going for. The real key to curly hair is patience, with a little trial and error.

How does confidence play a role in wearing one’s hair curly? 

It takes real confidence when you decide to go curly. Some days are good and some days are bad but the confidence comes when you learn your hair, and release the control of perfection. Straight hair is easy, but it’s also damaging. When you decide that you are going to go natural, you have to remember that finding the right products is the first step in confidently wearing your curls. I think people get so used to having tamed “perfect” hair.  A curly girl has to realize it isn’t about perfection, it’s about the confidence you have to let your natural hair be wild and free.

Where did you go to learn more about how to take care of and how to style your hair?

For me it was all about trial and error. When you are born with curly hair, there is a constant search of what works. Most curly haired people have tried tons of products, watched a million tutorials, but in the end it’s really about testing new ways and finding what works best for you and once you find it, you stick to it.For me it was all about trial and error.

How does curly hair patterns play a role in developing The Duo products?

The Duo was designed for multiple hair patterns and textures. The simple 2 step process makes it easier to achieve the perfect curls with only 2 products. A leave- in detangler and curl cream is all you really need. No matter what your curl pattern is, we all pretty much desire the same thing. We want simple, we want hydrating, we want definition, and we don’t want the crunch. The Duo covers just that.

What are some common misconceptions someone may have regarding wearing their hair curly?

Some common misconceptions is that you need to use a ton of products to achieve the look you desire, another misconception is that you need to wash your hair everyday (Please Stop) I have found that when you refresh your curls daily they only get better. I love my curls on day 5 or 6 because the pattern has really formed and I get more volume and bounce. The goal for me is less washing and more refreshing, and the rice water detangler works magic that. I also swear by applying products with my fingertips, for some reason it holds the definition more than using a detangling brush.

How long does it make someone to start seeing results from using Métisse Natura products?

The results are IMMEDIATE! When you apply the detangler to damp hair, you will see how easily your curls detangle, also you will see the definition of your curls coming through. When you apply the curl cream, you will immediately see your curls begin to form and once they are dry they will be moisturized and soft.

What are the benefits of having a consistent styling routine?

Consistency is key! I have found that once I really locked into my routine, my curls thanked me. It’s like clockwork, you will see that when you are consistent with your routine your curls will be consistent with their outcome. My routine is simple, on wash day I part my hair in 4 sections, I always use a spray bottle of water, and then apply the rice water detangler using my fingertips, and then as my hair is still in sections, I apply the curl cream. On my refresh days I do the same thing with damp hair and then I ALWAYS let my hair air dry. This method never fails me.

If you could be sold in any retailer, which one would you choose and why?

Our dream retailer is Sephora. I personally love the shopping experience they provide for their customers and I feel our core consumer is shopping there and looking for products like ours.