Prada Launches New Paid Fashion Internship Program, Generation PRADA

GenerationPrada is a paid internship program designed to equip the next generation of diverse fashion industry leaders with industry expertise, mentorship, and career growth opportunities. Experience a hands-on journey through exposure to various teams across Prada Group.

Generation Prada Internship Program

Prada Group created the Generation Prada internship program to equip the next generation of fashion industry leaders with professional development opportunities. In providing this program, Prada’s goal is to enhance the pipeline for diverse talent both within the Group and in the fashion industry more broadly. As part of the program, [10] selected Generation Prada participants will rotate across different Prada Group functions, including business creative, marketing and operations. The program will be 6 months long, allowing participants to gain insight and experience into the Group’s brands, and the departments and networks that support the business. Every participant will also be paired with a senior leader from a different department who will mentor and guide their experience at Prada and ensure their experience is positive and beneficial to their professional development. This is a full-time (part-time upon request) paid position based on your preference and participants will be offered additional support (e.g., accommodation, etc.) where appropriate.

Role Responsibilities Generation Prada participants will:

• Develop an understanding of Prada Group and its subsidiary brands (Prada & Miu Miu)

• Develop an understanding of the needs and expectations of the Prada Group and its various stakeholders

• Be a student of the business by learning about the different departments, the relationship between corporate and retail, and the interplay across different global functions

• Build an understanding of the market and competitors across categories

• Gain insights and exposure to cross-functional heads

• Develop relationships across the Group through oneon-one mentoring support

Apply now on at Generation PRADA – Miu Miu Internship Prada Group · New York, NY (Hybrid), click here. (link updated!)