MikMak Acquires Swaven To Expand International Retailer Network

Mikmak Acquires Swaven To Expand International Retailer Network

MikMak has announced it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Swaven, a preeminent eCommerce enablement and analytics software, that helps brands be ‘shoppable everywhere‘. The union of the two companies paves the path towards MikMak 3.0, the world’s most advanced eCommerce enablement and analytics platform. MikMak is the leading global platform for eCommerce acceleration for multichannel brands and provides analytics and eCommerce enablement software to help product manufacturers and CPG companies understand their consumers’ online behavior, determine the best use of marketing dollars, and drive sales.

MikMak is uniquely positioned for eCommerce acceleration with its “where to buy” product discovery and checkout solution for brand websites and media. Its game-changing patented technology is used to power multi-retail selection and checkout within online video marketing campaigns. The acquisition of Swaven is the company’s latest advancement toward providing brands with a complete omnichannel view of their consumers.

“MikMak is the ideal partner to take our advanced technology platform to the next level. Our combined expertise and innovative solutions make us the most agile global player in our industry. We can, in a single platform, address the challenges brands face in operating and adjusting their digital and retail mix,” said Laurent Quatrefages, Co-Founder and CEO of Swaven.

Sébastien Thiberge, Co-Founder and COO of Swaven, added, “Our customers are already benefiting from the combination of our companies with a ready-to-use platform. We are honored to have a partner who shares our ambitions to accelerate growth and revolutionize the industry with disruptive digital technologies.”

Bringing MikMak and Swaven together to create MikMak 3.0 offers the companies’ global consumer brand partners self-service solutions for both media campaigns and integrated brand.com solutions. It immediately makes implementation faster and easier than ever. It also provides unmatched data accuracy and scale, with retailer-direct feeds that allow brands to know exactly how their marketing channels across search, social, video, display, influencers, brand.com, and more lead to directly attributable sales.

“To navigate the ever-changing and fragmented eCommerce and media ecosystem while driving profitable growth, brands need to harness all consumer signals from around the globe in one place. MikMak and Swaven have helped us make this possible at Remy Cointreau,” said Rich Sileo, Vice President – eCommerce at Remy Cointreau.

MikMak’s strong North American retailer marketplace combined with Swaven’s international network enables an unmatched value proposition for both local and global brands with 3000+ retailer integrations across over 20 industries and 80 countries.

“Understanding the customer journey, and how it differs by region, retailer and media platform, is invaluable to COTY. With the success we had with MikMak in the US market, we encouraged them to explore their capabilities globally which led to them meeting Swaven. The eCommerce, media and website data that MikMak and Swaven combine worldwide will create boundless possibilities,” said Kevin Shapiro, Senior Vice President US Marketing – Consumer Beauty at COTY.

The combined global entity will now service a Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of $2.4 trillion with an increased foothold in the EMEA, APAC, and LATAM markets. The acquisition solidifies the company’s place in the Commerce-Marketing industry with a Total Addressable Market (TAM) valued at $120 Billion.