Shoppers shift e-commerce spending towards leisure and home goods in the run-up to Black Friday

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Klarna today released new holiday shopping data that indicates shoppers in the US shifted their share of e-commerce spending towards the leisure, sports & hobby and home & garden categories in the week ahead of Thanksgiving (November 16-22). Analyzing transactions made through the Klarna app, which allows consumers to shop from any online store, Klarna also identified the most-shopped categories among US Gen Zers, Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers leading up to Black Friday.

“US shoppers are focusing more on leisure, sports, and home goods purchases as we approach Thanksgiving and Black Friday,” said David Sykes, Head of US at Klarna. “Klarna’s new data also indicates that younger shoppers are taking advantage of mobile shopping and flexible payment options to purchase home supplies, appliances and furniture. This spending shift may reflect an increase in the number of consumers planning to cook and bake for Thanksgiving – a holiday that many younger households will be celebrating on their own this year due to safety concerns amid the ongoing pandemic.”


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