YSL Beauty Launches Sustainable Initiative RE:WILD

Ysl Beauty Launches Sustainable Initiative Re:wild

Today, in the lead-up to Earth Day, YSL Beauty has announced a global program called REWILD OUR EARTH, in partnership with global NGO Re:wild, reflecting its broader commitment to making a positive impact on the planet and its people. The Rewild Our Earth program aims to protect and restore 100,000 hectares by 2030––a surface area that is almost 10 times the size of Paris––and to safeguard biodiversity in priority areas affected by climate change where YSL Beauty’s ingredients are sourced.

Inspired by the legacy of Mr. Saint Laurent, a nature lover who drew inspiration from the natural wonders of Morocco throughout his career. Since the 2013 introduction of the innovative Ourika Community Gardens project in Morocco, the brand has worked on restoring at-risk environments and has helped to empower local communities for nearly a decade. In 2021, the brand affirmed its commitment as part of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Now, with the launch of ‘Rewild Our Earth’, YSL Beauty will work in partnership with Re:wild, a world-renowned non-governmental organization that works across 188 conservation areas in 89 countries to protect and restore biodiversity and to advance ecological restoration globally.

For 2022, this  program will focus specifically on the launch of “rewilding” programs in priority areas for biodiversity where the brand sources product ingredients. Rewilding is an innovative approach to conservation based on a progressive effort to enable natural processes, repair damaged ecosystems, and restore degraded landscapes; in other words, to better let nature take care of itself.

For YSL Beauty, this platform marks a new era of sustainability that will define the beauty of the future. Moving forward, the brand’s focus will be on continuing to harness innovation to unlock new possibilities––from how the brand makes its product, to the overarching impact it will have on the world.