Carbi B Launches Whipshots, Vodka-Infused Whipped Cream Brand

Carbi B Launches Whipshots, Vodka-Infused Whipped Cream Brand

In December 2021, rapper Cardi B partnered with Starco Brands to launch Whipshots, a first-of-its-kind alcoholic whipped cream that promises to be a party in a can. Developed as a playful and sophisticated indulgence, Whipshots is available in three delicious 10% ABV flavors: vanilla, caramel, and mocha. The vodka-infused whipped cream does not require refrigeration, making it a versatile addition to holiday cocktails and desserts.

Cardi B’s Whipshots quickly gained popularity, selling out twice within minutes of its initial launch on December 1, 2021. By October 17, 2022, the brand had sold one million cans in under a year. Whipshots can now be found in retail locations across several states, including Texas, Maryland, Nevada, Illinois, California, Colorado, Washington, Florida, Arizona, Kentucky, and Washington, D.C.

The Whipshots product line offers three different can sizes at varying price points: $5.99 for 50 ml, $13.99 for 200 ml, and $19.99 for 375 ml. In November 2022, a limited-edition peppermint flavor was introduced, adding to the brand’s growing list of offerings.

Cardi B’s involvement in Whipshots goes beyond just being a partner; she also leads the creative direction for the brand. Describing Whipshots as “over the top, sexy, and unique,” Cardi B aims to bring her distinctive style and entrepreneurial expertise to the spirits market. Starco Brands CEO Ross Sklar shares this vision, stating that Whipshots is one of the most innovative products to ever hit the spirits vertical.

Whipshots’ success can be attributed to the collaboration between two disruptors in their respective fields: Cardi B and Starco Brands. Together, they have created a unique and flavorful product that has captured the attention of consumers and shaken up the spirits industry. With Whipshots, every can is an invitation to party like Cardi.