Diane von Furstenberg Embarks on an Eco-Luxury Journey with ReWrap

Diane Von Furstenberg Embarks On An Eco-Luxury Journey With Rewrap

Diane von Furstenberg, the Belgian-born designer and businesswoman who invented the iconic wrap dress in the 1970s, has partnered with secondhand initiative called “ReWrap.” This resale program allows customers to shop archival DVF designs and buy or sell pre-owned goods. Launched on Thursday, ReWrap is powered by the resale platform Archive and aims to give new life to beloved DVF pieces while allowing younger generations to discover styles from the past.

In addition to the ReWrap program, Diane von Furstenberg has also ventured into rental fashion with a subscription service called DVF Link. For a flat monthly fee, customers can receive a box of four garments, including the brand’s famous wrap dresses. The service included shipping, returns, dry cleaning, and an option to purchase individual pieces at a discounted rate.However by 2020, the fashion brand shut down the service.

This sustainable initiative reflects the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly alternatives in the luxury fashion market. DVF Link currently serves customers in the United States, with plans to expand internationally in the coming months. As part of the ReWrap program, sellers can list their items themselves, and shoppers can receive a credit of 70% of the resale price in cash or 100% in credit toward their next DVF purchase once the item sells.

The average item sells for about half of the original price, according to the brand. With the launch of ReWrap and DVF Link, Diane von Furstenberg continues to innovate and adapt to the changing fashion landscape, embracing sustainability and offering customers more environmentally friendly options.

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