Hermès showcases its new collections for the home in Milan

Hermès has unveiled its new home collections for 2021-2022 at Milan Design Week.

Hermès Showcases Its New Collections For The Home In Milan

Hermès has unveiled its new home collections for 2021-2022 at Milan Design Week. The showcase took place at La Pelota, where the brand displayed its latest creations inside four monumental structures. The theme of lightness was prevalent throughout the exhibition, with five new textile designs made from cashmere taking center stage.

The collection features a range of pieces designed to be touched, lived-with, and admired. Each piece is crafted using raw and natural materials, exploring a new sensory experience through design. Among the highlights are an organically shaped, throne-like armchair called Sillage d’Hermès, designed by Studio Mumbai and handcrafted in Puglia, and the Lignage d’Hermès table, made with blue limestone from Hainaut in Belgium.

In addition to the furniture, the collection includes lighting, tableware, and decorative objects that celebrate the tactility of raw and natural materials. One notable piece is the Sarazine table lamp, first designed in 1966 by Jean-Michel Sarazin, featuring a structure made from natural cowhide leather and a lampshade made of writing paper.

Hermès‘ signature monogrammed throws also make a comeback in new plaid styles with bold colorways. The showcase also featured hand-woven plaids by Hermès Studio, whose chromatic geometric combinations formed visual connections with the surrounding architecture.

These unique pieces will be available at selected Hermès boutiques across 2021 and 2022. As the world continues to transform, Hermès’ new collection of decorative objects explores new relationships and opens up a new language of materials, revealing previously invisible parts of our world.

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