How To Level Up Your Social Media Branding With Kalli Combs

How To Level Up Your Social Media Branding With Kalli Combs

Join us August 26th where Kalli Combs will teach us about expanding your online footprint by using tangible skills and strategies to explode your brand on social media.

About Kalli:

Kalli Combs has made her footprint in the online and digital marketing space by educating entrepreneurs how to excel in the digital marketing world by teaching creative and sustainable social media marketing solutions.

Creative Director and Founder of Social Pal Kal LLC, a branding and strategic marketing agency, Kalli’s strategic techniques bridge the gap between creativity, community, and storytelling. With over 4 years of social media, digital marketing, and brand development experience, Kalli focuses on online brand growth and development, content marketing and planning, social media consulting, and providing sustainable social media marketing strategies.

Kalli’s passion for educating entrepreneurs has driven her to empower business owners and make a positive impact. She has earned a
reputation for being highly recommended among her peers as the “go-to person” for all things social media. She also teaches social media marketing for the continuing education program at Louisiana StateUniversity – Shreveport.