Is Aritzia Considered High-End Luxury?

Is Aritzia Considered High-End Luxury?

Aritzia, a Canadian women’s fashion retailer founded in Vancouver by Brian Hill in 1984, is known for its extensive portfolio of exclusive brands catering to various functions and individual aesthetics. The brand describes itself as “Everyday Luxury,” positioning itself between fast fashion and high-end luxury. This unique category offers a blend of style, quality, and affordability, making it accessible to a wider audience.

While Aritzia may not be considered a full-on high-end luxury brand, it does offer a range of products that are priced higher than typical fast fashion items. For example, a popular bodysuit from Aritzia is priced at $58, while a wool turtleneck costs $168. The brand focuses on providing quality products that are worth the investment, such as classic coats, pants, and dresses.

Aritzia’s quality varies depending on the brand, with some pieces being of good or decent quality, while others may be of lesser quality. However, when shopping for staple items like coats or dresses, customers can expect to pay a reasonable price for the quality they receive.

Therefore, Aritzia is not considered a high-end luxury brand but rather an “Everyday Luxury” brand that offers a balance between style, quality, and affordability. With a wide range of products and exclusive styles, Aritzia caters to women of all ages and provides a one-stop-shop for various clothing needs.

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