Nakey Launches Online and In-store at Nordstrom, Revolve, Free People and Urban Outfitters

Nakey Launches Online And In-Store At Nordstrom, Revolve, Free People And Urban Outfitters

Revolutionary wellness brand, Nakey, behind Muff Masque, unveils its newest collection with two new mask formulas, The Juicer and The Rehabber, as well as a first-of-its-kind genital examination mirror aka The G.E.M. With the expanded line, Nakey continues to fill the white space within the sexual wellness industry, helping people discover their own path to sexual freedom with their products and content.

Using “nature to nurture the lips below your hips”, Nakey first introduced its game-changing Muff Masque with The Sootherin 2020. Infused with plant-based ingredients and backed by dermatologists and gynecologists, the Muff Masque works to combat redness, inflammation and irritation often caused by grooming or intimacy. Having pubic hair means, much like the scalp, the vulvar skin can get dry and irritated. Shaving or waxing – aka shaxing – the follicles can make them clogged and inflamed. 

“Innovation is part of our ethos,” states Nakey co-founder Shawna Watterson. “Our Muff Masques are a first of their kind and now, so is the mirror. The G.E.M., which has been in development for over a year, compliments each of our masks while further promoting our interest in being a brand for everyone.”

Nakey quickly gained popularity for its unique product, innovative marketing, and refreshing approach, shifting the conversation from sexual wellness to sexual freedom. Now, with its Nakey Times platform which lives on its website, the brand continues to push original content that makes you think by introducing a variety of regular columns about sexuality and more for your gems & jewels. Join Nakey on the journey to discover the true definition of sexual freedom, in a new space, and a new way.

“Our transparent and bold approach to our brand is aimed at normalizing topics around sex and sexuality that are historically avoided. While the industry trends toward discretion we will continue to do the opposite,” says Nakey co-founder Hannah Rose. “Feminine sexual wellness is just our first stop. We are excited to continue to innovate non-binary products this year, beginning with the mirror.”

Nakey’s threesome of Muff Masques and The G.E.M. are now available online at and via national retailers including Nordstrom, Revolve, Free People and Urban Outfitters beginning February 1st. Nakey cares about your privates and the planet and is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. All products are fully compostable and biodegradable.