SHEIN Launches evoluSHEIN a Sustainable Clothing Line Made from Plastic Waste

SHEIN, an online retailer of fashion, beauty and lifestyle products, announces the launch of evoluSHEIN. EvoluSHEIN will serve as a testing ground for new purpose-drive innovations SHEIN will be adopting throughout its greater collection.

The first release of evoluSHEIN clothing will feature recycled polyester – a fiber obtained from plastic waste. To produce the fabric, materials such as used plastic bottles are carefully cleaned, shredded into pieces, melted down, and spun into polyester fiber. Compared to virgin polyester production, the recycled polyester process requires less source materials and significantly reduces the amount of water and energy needed. Reducing waste and introducing recycled materials are key pillars of SHEIN’s vision of a circular economy and a sustainable future for accessible fashion.

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