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TULA Skincare Launches into Sephora US Stores

TULA Skincare Launches into Sephora US Stores

Tula Skincare Launches Into Sephora Us Stores

TULA Skincare, the leading clean, clinical prestige skincare brand powered by probiotic extracts and superfoods, announced its upcoming partnership with Sephora in the U.S. officially launching on April 1st. The U.S. partnership comes on the heels of its successful debut at Sephora Canada back in August 2021.

Tula first captured the attention of Sephora with its unique ingredient story that incorporates probiotic extracts and superfoods into its product formulas to leave the skin looking and feeling its best. TULA’s science-backed, inclusive approach to skincare paired with Sephora’s commitment to clean beauty and customer demand for effective skincare makes this an attractive partnership for both parties.

Founded in 2014 by practicing gastroenterologist, @drroshiniraj, TULA sits at the intersection of beauty and wellness with a clean, clinical approach to beauty that leverages research and clinical studies to continuously innovate in skincare with breakthrough products and cutting-edge ingredient formulations that include probiotic extracts and superfoods. TULA is not only dedicated to clean beauty and innovation, but also to inspiring confidence and promoting inclusivity through its #EmbraceYourSkinbrand pillar. TULA and Sephora have deeply shared core values – ensuring a strong partnership.

“TULA has built a powerhouse omnichannel brand by strategically partnering with influential retailers,” said Amanda Domaleczny, VP of Global Sales at TULA Skincare. “We are well positioned for strong results, increased brand awareness, and incremental growth through our exciting partnership with Sephora U.S.”

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