MUSH Launches Nationwide At Kroger Stores

Mush Launches Nationwide At Kroger Stores

MUSH, the popular ready-to-eat overnight oats brand, has announced a nationwide retail launch into 1,025 Kroger stores across the Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest regions. Known for its clean, plant-based ingredients, MUSH offers a range of delicious flavors such as Blueberry, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, and Apple Cinnamon. These fan-favorite flavors can be found in the refrigerated aisle in single serve five-ounce cups.

This exciting expansion comes after MUSH’s recent entry into the club channel with three regions of Costco Clubs, bringing the brand’s retail footprint to nearly 11,000 stores. MUSH aims to heal human well-being by creating food products that are healthy, delicious, and satiating at an unbeatable price point.

Ashley Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of MUSH, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership with Kroger, stating that it would allow the brand to effect positive change in America on a monumental scale. MUSH is now available both online and at almost 11,000 stores nationwide, including Whole Foods Market, Costco, Target, Publix, Albertsons, and regional grocery stores across the country.

With a growing demand for healthier food options and a 65% increase in sales of refrigerated, ready-to-eat items compared to last year, MUSH has become the leading brand in its category. The product line offers nostalgic flavor profiles that are nutrient-dense with protein and fiber, while being dairy-free, gluten-free, and containing no added sugar.

MUSH was founded in 2015 by Ashley Thompson, who was inspired by her childhood hack of soaking cereal and oatmeal in milk overnight. Since then, the company has grown rapidly, prioritizing a people-first approach and product quality. MUSH uses premium ingredients, minimal processing, and a special pasteurization technique to ensure maximum nutrient absorption.

The brand has earned a cult-like following of fitness enthusiasts, celebrities, and health gurus alike, such as Mark Cuban, Ally Love, Kim Kardashian, Nina Agdal, Joe Jonas, and Cody Rigsby. With its nationwide launch at Kroger stores, MUSH continues to make strides in providing easy, delicious, and nutritious food options for consumers across the United States.