Blocks Nutrition Protein Powder, Supplements Review

In the world of health and wellness, there are a few standout supplement brands that have truly revolutionized my daily routine.

Blocks Nutrition Protein Powder, Supplements Review

In the world of health and wellness, there are a few standout supplement brands that have truly revolutionized my daily routine. Blocks Nutrition is one of them, and they are so much more than just a supplement provider; they are partners in health. They aim to scale the dietician market and be a catalyst in building a healthier world.

They offer a variety of complete proteins, including fish, meat, dairy products, quinoa, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and soy. These proteins are not only beneficial for muscle development but also for overall health and well-being. The building blocks of proteins, amino acids, are essential for our bodies, and Blocks Protein products provide these in abundance. They provide valuable research and expert insights, empowering you to make informed decisions about what’s right for you.

Blocks Nutrition Protein Powder, Supplements Review

What sets Blocks Nutrition apart is their commitment to simplifying the complex world of nutrition. They have created a wellness quiz that provides personalized recommendations to support your unique health needs. Their NSF Certified product line is one of the most comprehensive on the market, catering to a wide range of holistic wellness needs. They also offer additional products made with the same high standards.

All you have to do is take the comprehensive online quiz, to get the best recommended products for you. Taking the quiz was an enlightening experience. It helped me focus on specific areas of my health and provided me with the information I needed to optimize my wellness. My personalized recommendations included: Primal Protein – Vanilla, Brain Juice, Fire it Up, Core Curcumin, Fiber Flow, and Red Harvest.

In this review, I will cover these items, which I have personally tested and vetted after trying the products over the course of 30 days.

Blocks Nutrition Protein Powder, Supplements Review

One of my personal favourites is the Primal Protein in Vanilla flavour, which has been a game-changer in my regular routine. This gluten-free protein powder with only 1g of sugar is a dream come true for those looking to supplement their diet without compromising on taste. Studies have proven that regular consumption of whey protein helps supports muscle development and recovery after exercise.

“It’s now one of my go to protein powders, and even better, the aroma reminds me of cereal when I mix it with almond milk!”

It’s a low-calorie, high-protein supplement that promotes weight loss by reducing appetite, increasing metabolism, and preserving lean muscle mass. Plus, it’s incredibly versatile—you can mix it into coffee, smoothies, or even baked goods!

Blocks Nutrition Protein Powder, Supplements Review

Next up is, Brain Juice, another product that has significantly improved my productivity overtime. This unique formula supports the production of Acetylcholine, which enhances focus, clarity, and memory, as well as Dopamine for mood and motivation.

“When I need a pick me up, instead of reaching for another coffee, I use this, just a couple droplets goes along way!”

It’s packed with organic superfoods like açaí, blueberry, acerola cherry, and high-quality vitamins, all in a green tea base for added antioxidants. It’s a perfect mental pick-me-up for projects, performance, productivity, and more!

Blocks Nutrition Protein Powder, Supplements Review

Whether you’re looking to manage your weight or boost your metabolism, Fire it Up is definitely worth considering. This thermogenic formula is ingeniously designed to support a healthy basal metabolic rate, which is crucial for effective weight management.

“I’m sure everyone would’ve for their metabolism to be running on full speed to aid in weight loss, and this baby does just that! It’s hard to say right off the bat if it’s has made a substantial difference, but I’m sure overtime I will start to see the effects kick in!”

What sets this product apart from others is its ability to assist with normal appetite without causing any stimulant-associated side effects, a common issue with many weight management formulas.

Blocks Nutrition Protein Powder, Supplements Review

Another is, Core Curcumin, the primary ingredient, curcumin, is a highly bioavailable, meaning it is easily absorbed and utilized by the body. This ensures maximum effectiveness and value for money. One of the standout features is its ability to support a healthy inflammatory response.  This supplement also promotes gastrointestinal (GI) health, brain health, cardiovascular health, and liver health.

“It’s like a comprehensive health package in a single supplement. Whether you’re an athlete looking to speed up post-workout recovery, or someone dealing with digestive issues, this supplement I would highly recommend.”

In addition to supporting immune function and promoting various aspects of health, Core Curcumin also aids digestion and recovery.

Blocks Nutrition Protein Powder, Supplements Review

Next up, is Fiber Flow, it contains a resistant starch complex made up of potato and green banana flour, which are known for its ability to promote gastrointestinal health. It does this by supporting microbial balance and maintaining proper intestinal permeability and integrity.

“I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a reliable and effective solution for maintaining intestinal health, regulating metabolism, and promoting heart health!”

It not only ensures a healthy digestive system but also contributes to optimal blood sugar metabolism, normal appetite, and cardiovascular health.

Blocks Nutrition Protein Powder, Supplements Review

Last but not least, Blocks Nutrition’s Red Harvest is an exceptional product that stands out in the market for its high-quality ingredients and numerous health benefits. This whole food extract powder is a delightful blend of over a dozen red and purple fruits and vegetables, making it not only delicious but also incredibly nutritious.

One of the standout ingredients of Red Harvest is its use of resveratrol derived from grape skin extract and pomegranate standardized to ellagic acid. These ingredients are known for their anti-aging properties, making this product an excellent choice for those looking to combat premature skin aging.

“Whether you’re looking to improve your skin health, boost your immune system, or maintain your blood sugar levels, this product is worth considering.”

Final Verdict

It’s worth every penny! The quality of ingredients utilized by this brand is top-notch, with absolutely no artificial additives included in their line. This commitment to natural, high-quality ingredients is a testament to their dedication to providing products that are both safe and effective. They’re not just purchases—they’re investments in your health and well-being. I highly recommend Block Nutrition to anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing. Their commitment to quality, transparency, and personalized care is truly exceptional.


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