Coach launches new sub-brand Coachtopia

Coach Launches New Sub-Brand Coachtopia

Luxury brand Coach has recently launched a new sub-brand called Coachtopia, which focuses on circular craft and collaborative creativity. This innovative initiative is built upon the brand’s Made Circular design philosophy, aiming to reduce waste by designing, crafting, and reusing products in a sustainable manner.

Coachtopia was launched online on April 20, along with select stores and online platforms in the U.S. and U.K. The sub-brand is expected to make its debut in Asia later this year. Joon Silverstein, the Head of Coachtopia, refers to the project as a “discovery lab” for advancing circularity in fashion. The goal is to transform the environmental impact of the fashion industry by adopting new mindsets and innovative approaches.

Following the success of its (Re)Loved recycling program in spring 2021, Coach is taking a bigger and bolder step forward with Coachtopia. The collection includes bags, accessories, ready-to-wear, and footwear made from recycled, repurposed, and renewable materials. Creative Director Stuart Vevers emphasizes the importance of designing in reverse, keeping the end goal of circularity in mind while collaborating with the next generation for an optimistic vision of the future.

In a unique approach, Coach is working with a group of Gen Z individuals, including climate activists, designers, upcyclers, journalists, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and fashion enthusiasts, to share their perspectives on circular fashion and contribute to the creation of Coachtopia. This collaboration aims to build the sub-brand not just for consumers but with them, inviting a growing community to join in the process.

The Coachtopia collection features all-gender ready-to-wear apparel, handbags, accessories, and footwear crafted with recycled and renewable materials. Each item comes with an embedded NFC chip, providing customers with transparency into the manufacturing process. The launch of Coachtopia is already influencing future product designs, with a focus on rethinking construction for easy disassembly and the use of mono-materials.

Coachtopia is not just a vanity project but an important sub-brand with aspirations to make a significant impact over time. By turning the traditional product creation process upside down and using materials that would otherwise go to waste, Coachtopia aims to reimagine the relationship between brand, planet, and consumer, ultimately promoting sustainability and circularity in the fashion industry.

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