Fast Fashion E-Retailer SHEIN Establishes $10 Million SHEIN Cares Fund

SHEIN, a leading global e-retailer of fashion, beauty and lifestyle products, announced today the launch of the SHEIN Cares Fund, a multi-year, $10 million commitment to support global non-profit organizations focused on empowering entrepreneurs, supporting underserved communities, ensuring animal health and welfare, and promoting recycling and the circular economy.  

The company announced the first recipient of SHEIN Cares funding as Vital Voices, a global NGO that invests in women leaders who are unafraid to tackle an issue – from gender-based violence to the climate crisis – but need support to make their vision a reality. Through a $500,000, two-year partnership, SHEIN Cares funding will support fellowships and mentoring programs for many female change-makers across the world.  

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