TikTok Shop Launches ‘Fulfilled by TikTok’ in the UK

TikTok Shop has launched its innovative fulfilment service, ‘Fulfilled by TikTok’ (FBT), in the United Kingdom.

Tiktok Shop Launches 'Fulfilled By Tiktok' In The Uk

TikTok Shop has launched its innovative fulfilment service, ‘Fulfilled by TikTok’ (FBT), in the United Kingdom. This new logistics program is set to transform the retail landscape, offering a seamless and efficient solution for merchants using TikTok Shop to sell their products.

The FBT service, which was announced on August 16th, 2019, is designed to streamline the selling process for merchants. It offers a comprehensive logistics solution where TikTok Shop stores, picks, packs, and ships merchants’ products directly to the TikTok community. This service allows merchants to focus on crucial aspects of their business such as marketing, content creation, and product development, freeing them from the time-consuming logistics process.

Merchants who sign up for FBT can choose specific items from their stock to be stored and shipped through the service. Once these items are stored in the FBT warehouse, the service takes care of the entire order fulfilment process, from picking and packing to shipping the merchandise. This seamless service has already been tested by several TikTok Shop UK merchants, yielding impressive results.

What Fullfilled by TikTok offers

  • Same day, automated fulfilment for all orders made by 7PM Monday to Saturday
  • A next working day premium delivery service
  • Improved customer feedback and ratings through our instant messaging service and dedicated customer service employees
  • Improved metrics in terms of reduced delivery times

A number of TikTok Shop UK merchants have already been testing this service

Ning Cheah, Founder of Skincare and MakeUp brand The Beauty Crop said “As a small independent company, it’s always great to find ways to help make things more efficient . Since using FBT, we’ve seen volumes increase by 30%, shipping lead times drop by 36% and late dispatch rates drop by over 45%. It’s made a huge difference.”

Sach, Managing Director of personal care brand Nature Spell said; “Partnering with FBT has been a monumental shift for us. Before FBT, we were drowning in order volumes and couldn’t focus on what we do best: manufacturing.”

TikTok Shop UK Creator and Merchant Sumayah said: “FBT has been a game changer for us, streamlining processes and improving our business. It significantly reduces lead time, enabling lightning fast order processing and delivery. It boosts order volume and attracts more customers with its robust features and user-friendly interface. Other merchants can benefit greatly from this program.”

The launch of FBT in the UK comes after the successful implementation of TikTok Shop in Southeast Asia. Despite initial resistance from UK customers who were unfamiliar with the social commerce model, TikTok Shop UK has now become a popular platform for eCommerce merchants to reach new audiences through LIVE stream shopping events, short videos, and in-app storefronts.

Safety is a top priority for TikTok Shop. Buyers are advised to ensure they are purchasing via the TikTok app to avoid scams. The platform also encourages buyers to check sellers’ reviews and ratings, and verify their ‘approved’ status for a safe and secure shopping experience.

How can TikTok Shop merchants use FBT?

  • Merchants which sign up to FBT will hand over a volume of their stock, which is then stored at a warehouse. Merchants don’t have to store all of their SKUs at the warehouse, or use FBT for all of their products; they can select particular items which they would like to store and ship through FBT
  • Once a merchant’s items are stored in the FBT warehouse, when an order is placed the warehouse will pick, pack and label the merchandise before it is shipped – all through one seamless service
  • In order to be eligible for FBT, merchants must be based in (and delivering to) the UK, and packages must not exceed a weight of 30kg or a cubic volume of 31.5 cubic litres per shipment
  • TikTok Shop charges fees for warehousing, shipping and other added value services such as labelling, pre-packing and inserting leaflets. A full rate card and list of value added services can be found in our seller centre here

The introduction of ‘Fulfilled by TikTok‘ is a significant step forward in TikTok’s pursuit of creating an e-commerce supply chain system that rivals giants like Amazon. With plans to build its own product fulfilment centres in the U.S., TikTok is poised to become a major player in the global retail industry.

As the retail landscape continues to evolve, TikTok Shop’s innovative approach to social commerce is a testament to the power of technology in transforming the way we shop. With the launch of FBT in the UK, TikTok Shop is not only revolutionizing retail but also setting the stage for the future of e-commerce.

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