Goldman Sachs Invests Over $10B in New Black Women Initiative

Goldman Sachs Invests Over $10B In New Black Women Initiative

Goldman Sachs, a leading global financial institution, has demonstrated its commitment to fostering a more inclusive economy by launching the One Million Black Women initiative.

This groundbreaking program aims to narrow opportunity gaps faced by Black women and positively impact their lives across various sectors. To achieve this, Goldman Sachs has pledged a staggering $10 billion in direct investment capital and an additional $100 million in philanthropic support over the next decade.

The CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management International, Fadi Abuali, and the Head of EMEA Alternatives and Head of EMEA Real Estate, Jim Garman, have expressed their dedication to helping wealth management clients access private markets.

This initiative is part of Goldman Sachs’ broader mission to advance sustainable economic growth and financial opportunity across the globe.

One Million Black Women has already made significant strides since its launch in March. The initiative has announced partnerships with organizations like Echoing Green to invest in Black women social entrepreneurs and accelerate change. Additionally, Loop Capital and Goldman Sachs have collaborated on a cash management solution to advance racial equity and build diverse talent.

In June 2022, the initiative announced 50 recipients of Black Women Impact Grants, aimed at scaling Black women-led nonprofits. Earlier in February 2022, the Black Women Impact Grants Program was launched to fund these nonprofits, and in January 2022, the latest round of investments, partnerships, and grants were announced to kick off the year.

Goldman Sachs‘ One Million Black Women initiative is a testament to the company’s aspiration to be the world’s most exceptional financial institution, united by shared values of client service, excellence, partnership, and integrity. By investing in the lives of one million Black women, Goldman Sachs is taking a significant step towards building a more inclusive and equitable society for all.


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