H&M Launches ‘The Blank Staples’ for Wholesale Clients

H&M, a leading global fashion retailer, launched its Blank Staples Wholesale Program in May 2021.

H&Amp;M Launches 'The Blank Staples' For Wholesale Clients

H&M, a leading global fashion retailer, launched its Blank Staples Wholesale Program in May 2021. This program offers a new purchasing format for the brand’s core range of premium quality basics, which was initially introduced in September 2020.

The Blank Staples collection features oversized and boxy-fit basics that contribute to high fashion streetwear with current silhouettes and striking oversized fits. Each piece is finished with its own blank label, allowing artists, designers, businesses, and entrepreneurs to use these garments as a base canvas for their own collections and projects.

The wholesale purchase option is available on hm.com, offering customers the opportunity to purchase up to 120 pieces of qualifying styles, including short-sleeve t-shirts, long-sleeve tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies in modern color palettes such as black and cream.

The collection is made from 100% organic, recycled, or sustainably sourced cotton, providing a more conscious choice for consumers. Additionally, customers can source supplementary materials like fabric pens, iron-on stickers, tie-dye techniques, embroidery, and screen or digital printing tools to further customize their purchases.

To celebrate the launch of the Blank Staples Wholesale Program, H&M partnered with three creatives: Chainstitch, a custom chainstitch embroidery business; Plantmanp, a houseplant-meets-streetwear clothing brand; and Tacos 86, a Los Angeles taco restaurant. Each partner was given a bulk amount of Blanks’ Wholesale product and a brief to use their distinct style to create their own collections. These collaborations serve as examples and sources of inspiration for other artists and businesses interested in utilizing the Blanks Staples Wholesale model.

The Blank Staples Wholesale Program marks a significant milestone for H&M, as it expands its offerings to cater to the needs of creatives and small businesses. By providing a platform for bulk purchases of premium quality basics, H&M is fostering an environment where artists and entrepreneurs can express their personal styles and grow their businesses using the brand’s versatile and sustainable garments.

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