H&M Launches Wholesale Program, Blank Staples to Design Your Own Line

H&M launches its own wholesale platform, Blank Staples for purchasing men’s streetwear essentials and premium quality basics via. bulk orders.

With the growing demand for white label, private label and custom designs, retailers are trying to capture sales at all points of the fashion supply chain.

The Blank Staples’ Wholesale offers creatives the opportunity to purchase up to 120 pieces of styles from short-sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve tees, sweatshirts and hoodies.

The collection is 100% cotton, organic, and recycled or sourced in a sustainable way. Each staple provides a blank label on the neck tag for a fully customizable collection.

This week, @hm also announced their Rental Service for men’s suiting. Encouraging men to rent instead of buying a suit, called ONE/SECOND/SUIT.

So, it seems as though @hm is trying to move away from their fast fashion ways, and try a more sustainable route to running their business.

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