Kiss Café Review: We Tried Jadakiss’ Family-Owned Beijo Coffee

There’s nothing quite like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to kickstart your day.

Kiss Café Review: We Tried Jadakiss' Family-Owned Beijo Coffee

There’s nothing quite like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee to kickstart your day. Kiss Café understands this and offers a range of products that cater to every coffee lover’s unique preferences. Whether you’re someone who loves to grind their own beans as part of a morning ritual or someone who prefers the convenience of pre-ground coffee, Kiss Café BEIJO Coffee has got you covered.

The story of Kiss Cafe is as rich and complex as the coffee it produces, with roots tracing back to 1977 when Bob Phillips first ventured into the coffee business. Fascinated by the diverse blends, roasts, and the intricate history of coffee, Bob laid the foundation for what would become a three-generation deep love affair with coffee.

Kiss Café Review: We Tried Jadakiss' Family-Owned Beijo Coffee
Source: Kiss Café, About Us

Today, this legacy is carried forward by Jason Phillips, popularly known as Jadakiss, and his son Jaewon. Kiss Cafe stands as a testament to their enduring passion for coffee, offering premium blends that are as much about quality as they are about preserving a cherished family tradition.

In this review, we will delve into the unique offerings of Kiss Cafe, exploring its commitment to honesty, accessibility, and above all, exceptional coffee.It’s no secret that a great cup of coffee lies in its freshness, and Kiss Café ensures this by providing freshly ground coffee for its customers. The brand’s ground coffee is perfect for those who are always on the go, offering a quick and easy way to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee each morning.

BEIJO – Ground & Whole Coffee

Kiss Café Review: We Tried Jadakiss' Family-Owned Beijo Coffee

Beijo Ground is an exotic blend that hails from the rich soils of South and Central America. Priced at $21.00 for a 12 oz pack, it offers excellent value for money. The variety of the coffee is Arabica, known for its superior quality and taste. The roast level of this blend is medium-dark, striking a perfect balance between the robustness of a dark roast and the nuanced flavors of a medium roast. This results in a bold flavor profile that is sure to appeal to coffee connoisseurs who appreciate a top-tier quality cup of coffee.

For those who prefer to take their time in the mornings, Beijo Whole Bean offer an immersive coffee experience. Grinding your own beans allows you to control the coarseness of the grind, which can significantly affect the taste of your coffee. One of the standout features of the Beijo coffee is its aroma. It has a sweet scent that is inviting and comforting, setting the stage for the rich flavors that follow. The body of the coffee is full, providing a satisfying mouthfeel with every sip.

“The Beijo coffee is a high-quality blend that offers a bold flavor profile, a full body, and a sweet aroma. I love the taste of the coffee when served cold! For those hot summer days when you crave a refreshing iced coffee, the Kiss Café cold brew method is a game-changer to my routine! If you steep your coarsely ground coffee in cold water for 12 to 24 hours, you can get a smooth, less acidic brew that is perfect over ice.” said Jeanel Alvarado, CEO & Founder, RETAILBOSS.

Kiss Café Review: We Tried Jadakiss' Family-Owned Beijo Coffee

Kiss Café also provides detailed instructions on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee using different methods. For drip coffee lovers, they recommend starting with fresh, cold water and their medium roast ground coffee. If you’re a fan of French press coffee, Kiss Café guides you through the process, from boiling water to pressing down the plunger after letting the coffee brew for seven minutes. The result is a rich, full-bodied coffee that is sure to delight your taste buds.

Final Verdict

Kiss Café offers a high-end coffee experience that caters to coffee enthusiests particular tastes and preferences. Their commitment to freshness and quality, coupled with their detailed brewing guides, makes them a standout choice for coffee lovers. So why wait? Start your day with a cup of Beijo Coffee, poured with love.

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