L’Oréal unveils latest beauty tech innovations ahead of CES 2022

2 mins read

Today, ahead of CES 2022, the world’s premier consumer technology conference, the L’Oréal Group unveiled its latest beauty tech innovation to reinvent the entire haircoloration category: Colorsonic, a lightweight, handheld device that uses an innovative, mess-free process to mix haircolor and apply it evenly, delivering consistent haircolor results for consumers at home, and Coloright, an AI-connected haircolor system for salon stylists that uses Virtual Try-on to project desired shades, and an algorithm that leads to an on-demand, customized haircolor with more than 1,500 custom shades possibilities.

L’Oréal has the longest haircoloration heritage in the industry as it invented the world’s first safe, synthetic haircolor formulation more than 100 years ago – creating what is now a $10 billion dollar industry. Today, a century later, the company once again reveals its haircoloration leadership by transforming the industry with two breakthrough innovations powered by cutting-edge technology alongside the most precise formulation.

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