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Lululemon Launches Supplier Inclusion and Diversity Program

Lululemon Launches Supplier Inclusion and Diversity Program

Lululemon Launches Supplier Inclusion And Diversity Program

Lululemon announces 2023 new company initiatives with the launch of its IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action) Supplier Inclusion and Diversity Program. The program will increase diverse supplier products and service solutions within the company’s global indirect, non-merchandise spend, helping to empower economically and socially disadvantaged organizations by fostering business growth and job and wealth creation across diverse communities.

lululemon’s Supplier Inclusion and Diversity Program is launching in a phased approach beginning with United States-headquartered firms that are third-party certified 51% or more owned, operated, and controlled by underrepresented racial groups, women, persons with disabilities, U.S. Veterans, and those who identify as LGBTQ2IA+.

Following the program’s launch in the United States, lululemon will expand it globally, with the goal of rolling out the program in key regions by 2026. The company recognizes that each region defines diverse suppliers differently and therefore its Supplier Inclusion and Diversity efforts will include economically and socially disadvantaged businesses as defined by each region.

“At lululemon, we are committed to our Impact Agenda and IDEA commitments, which include reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve and operate in by 2025 and creating an environment that is equitable, inclusive, and fosters growth,” said Stacia Jones, Vice President, Global Head of IDEA. “Within our supply chain, we have an important opportunity and responsibility to support these goals by ensuring inclusivity in every practicable sourcing event. Today, we are pleased to launch our Supplier Inclusion and Diversity Program and look forward to working with talented and diverse new partners that will add competitive value to our company.”

As the company phases in its global Supplier Inclusion and Diversity Program, lululemon will also launch other strategic actions that support diverse supplier growth, including a Supplier Development Program and a Prime Supplier Diversity Program. The programs will facilitate diverse supplier partner growth through increased engagement as well as training and development actions, and will allow the company to partner with large non-diverse suppliers to create more opportunities for inclusion within their supply chain and through the direct support of lululemon.

What is a Diverse Supplier?

Diverse suppliers are businesses that are economically or socially disadvantaged due to their race, ethnicity, gender, ability, veteran status, or sexual orientation. For lululemon’s Supplier Inclusion & Diversity program, they are seeking suppliers that are third-party certified.

“We are launching our Supplier Inclusion & Diversity program in a phased approached beginning with the U.S. Our goal is to implement our global program by 2026. We recognize each region defines diverse suppliers differently and will address each region as we phase in our program.”

For more information about the lululemon Supplier Inclusion and Diversity Program, including how diverse suppliers can apply to participate, please visit the Supplier Inclusion and Diversity Program section of our website here.